Stained Red (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

Bang bang,he shot me down..bang bang,I hit the ground...bang bang,That awful sound...bang bang, My baby shot me down~ Nancy Sinatra

I was the first person Jason McCann ever shot,I was the first to feel the bullet from his gun.

He was 16..It was a mistake so he says.

A mistake that left me hospitalised for 3 years.

But now I'm back...and I'm plotting my revenge.

He will never live this down,shooting me will be one thing,but being absent for the 3 years that followed was something else.

You will regret the time you ever left me,Jason McCann..I swear to you.

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


7. Panic Room

Jason's POV:

I took Sienna's hand as I led her into the elevator on my floor.

I glanced at her out the corner of my eye and noticed she was shaking,she looked so broken.

I did this to her...I've ruined her

I looked away sharply as her eyes switched to mine,she was looking so helplessly into my eyes for remorse.

But I didn't have any.

Not because I don't care about her,but because I do..and I'm going to make it up to her,she will love me again.

''P-Please..where are you taking m-me?" She cried,trying to break free from the grasp I had on her hands.

I laughed bitterly. ''You're not going to be punished if thats what you think.'' I shrugged right as the door to the elevator opened and I walked us out. 

I pulled us into the main living room where most of the boys were chilling,she sniffled,straightening up her back as she noticed a few were staring at her.

She didn't want them to see her upset,I could tell.

My strong baby.

''Hey Si!'' Bryce grinned,walking over and giving me a hug as I let go of her hands.

I watched his every move,my caramel orbs burning into his as he took a glance at me and let go of Sienna nervously.

''Hi.'' She timidly replied,taking her hands back to her sides and rocking on the balls of her feet slightly,blushing.

I snorted. ''What are you still doing here Bryce,you've greeted her so go back to whatever your ass was doing.'' I grinned sarcastically,I turned to Sienna just as her stomach rumbled again. ''Are you still hungry babe?'' I asked,amused as she tried to play it off. She shook her head. ''Bryce be useful and go make Sienna whatever she wants okay?'' I roll my eyes,slightly irritated that my breakfast for her this morning wasn't good enough for her. 

Bryce nodded his head and led her into the kitchen,I heard her giggle and I instantly flushed over with jealousy.

No one is a threat to me in this house and that's how it shall stay. If Bryce thinks he can steal MY Sienna away from me then he better think again.

I walked out and into the dogs room,letting them out.

Killa and Cleo ran full speed into me,instantly pushing me to the ground and licking all over my hands and face. I chuckled. ''Hey guys.'' I cooed,stroking the hair around their heads and rubbing their stomachs. 

I had these american Pitbull Staffy cross dogs for 5 years now and they were the best dogs I could ever ask for.

Cleo was only a puppy when I got her,she is now completely obedient and trained. Killa I rescued from a gang violence incident.

He was in the building of one of the gangs I had rivalry with and they kept him chained at the neck up against a wall,forced to eat cooked pieces of the humans the gang killed. He was a troubled dog and didn't trust me for 2 years. I had to teach him everything again. Although he's a loving dog to our gang members,he's a great guard dog and my sidekick for break-ins and shoot outs. ''You're such good dogs,yes you are!'' I cooed,picking up cleo and sitting her on my lap. 

Don't get me wrong...she definitely isn't a lap dog,this girl is tougher than she looks. She reminds me of Sienna..Cute and innocent on the outside but strong and fiery on the inside. 

Oh Si...I wish this all turned out differently and you didn't hate me..we could've still been the best of friends...or maybe something more I hope..

But now I can't be myself around her because she would know it's me..

''I never expected you to have a side like this.'' Someone chuckled behind me. 

I looked over my shoulder as I got Cleo off my lap,There stood Sienna,leaning against the door,grinning at me. 

My bandana was slightly hanging off my face so I fixed it and got up,dusting off my pants.

The dogs instantly sat infront of me growling up at Sienna. 

''Hault.'' I hissed,as I could see Killah crawling forward. He stopped and sat back up,staring up at her. 

I watched as Sienna gulped and took a few small steps back. 

I grinned under my mask. ''Don't worry they won't bite..Yet.'' I replied,watching in amusement as her face dropped.


''Listen up guys.'' I whistled,getting the dogs attention. I walked up to Sienna and hugged her,taking her hand and getting her to kneel down beside me. ''We don't attack her.'' I reminded them,sternly. I pulled down my mask slightly and I kissed her hand to show them that they could do the same. ''She's a good girl.'' I watched as Cleo's ears perked up and I smiled when her tail started wagging. 

Sienna was blushing right now and watched in awe as the dogs crawled up to her and started licking her exposed knees and hands. She giggled,petting them on their heads. ''Hey.'' She cooed. 

I stood up,watching her as I re-adjusted the bandana ''It'll take a while for them to get used to you but for now they think you're on our side. '' I mentioned.

She nodded swiftly,standing up and staring at cleo's blueish-grey fur. ''What are their names?'' She asked quietly,twisting her palms together.

''Cleo.'' I pointed to her as she sniffed Sienna's feet. ''And thats Killa.'' I replied,glancing at her as she frowned. 

''He doesn't look like a so called 'Killa' '' She laughed. 

I snorted walking out the room. ''Thats what you think.'' 

I heard Sienna gasp behind me and run out the room behind me. 


All I could do was grin for the rest of the morning as Sienna purposely avoided Killa as what I said to her played in her mind. 


I left Sienna in the bedroom to watch her netflix episodes as I sat in my studio. 

Tapping the pencil on my notepad my mind whirled into thousands of different scenarios that could happen if I kept Sienna here.

Would she want to get to know me?

Would she hate it here?

Would she figure everything out?


I couldn't risk it...but I can't let her go again. 

I watched her on the cctv just laying there,looking all cute like usual. 

Words can't explain how much I missed her and how much I care about her. 

This girl has my heart.

I shot up out of my chair leaving my half written verse of a song I was working on sprawled across the table as I grabbed my gun from my hip. 

The doorbell went off again..

I pressed the button that connects to the common room upstairs that all the boys were in. Immediately I heard Hunters voice over the speaker and I screamed at them all to go downstairs and see whats going on whilst I grab Sienna. 

I could hear Hunter and the others running down the hidden staircase to the bottom floor of the house to the door as I jogged into the room catching Sienna off guard. I ran over and grabbed her wrist,yanking her off the bed,turning off the Tv and running her into the panic room,shutting the door behind me and locking it swiftly.One hand muffled her mouth as she tried to scream out. ''Shut the fuck up!'' I growled,taking my hand off her mouth and glaring at her. ''You gotta be quiet right now,somethings going on.'' 


No one ever dared to ring the doorbell so I was skeptical beyond words. Who the fuck is it? The FBI?

They would blast the door off if they knew I lived here,not politely ring the doorbell. 


Moments went by and I heard one of the boys growling something as they all came upstairs. ''Fucking idiots.'' Diego spat,walking straight into my room and screaming. ''Code 12.'' He sighed. 


I growled,standing up and smashing my fist into the door. ''Dumb fucking blondes.'' 

''H-Huh?'' Sienna asked as I grabbed her and unlocked the door and climbed out,her following me. 


Sienna's POV:

 I frowned as Justin stormed out and instantly stopped as the view of a tall blonde girl comes into view.

''Hey Jay!'' The girl giggled,running over and swooning next to him. 

Who is this? His girlfriend?

''Saskia.'' He murmured,pushing her off him. ''What the fuck was that?'' He growled,grabbing her shoulders and shaking her. 

She shrugged,running her hands through his hair. ''I forgot.'' 

''You bitches really have no intelligence.'' He snorted,laying back on his bed as he ran his hands though his hair. ''Why do you guys still come here? I told you we don't need you here anymore.'' 


''I missed you.'' the girl pouted,walking over to the bed and flopping down next to Justin. ''Jay I miss us.'' She elaborated. 


Jay? That sounds so familiar..


Justin glanced at me before he grabbed the girls arm and pulled her out the room swiftly,shutting the door behind him. 

I stood in the room wondering what the fuck just happened and who that girl was.

A few long moments later Justin walked back in,the girl following..finally the girl noticed me. ''Who's this?'' She spat,glaring at Justin. 


''M-My Girlfriend.'' Justin replied,walking over and grabbing me by the waist. 

I was absolutely shocked at what passed his lips that I just glared at her. 

Saskia snorted. '' As if Jason..she ain't shit,why would you downgrade to her?'' She murmured,sizing me up.


''Talk about her like that again and you'll regret it.'' He growled- ''Do I have to tell you again?'' 

She shook her head and exited the room,wiggling her non-existent but as she trotted off in her stilettos. 

I looked at Justin with so much confusion but he just shrugged me off and stormed out the room. ''Get showered and get into your bed clothes,were staying away from them tonight and chilling in my room.'' He spat,walking out the room to fetch something,once again leaving me alone in the darkness. 


What in god's name is going on? Why did she call him Jay? What does she mean downgrade? Is that his ex? Why was I shoved in that room? Who are those dumb blondes he mentioned? And most importantly did I hear her call him Jason?


Next update soon x


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