Stained Red (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

Bang bang,he shot me down..bang bang,I hit the ground...bang bang,That awful sound...bang bang, My baby shot me down~ Nancy Sinatra

I was the first person Jason McCann ever shot,I was the first to feel the bullet from his gun.

He was 16..It was a mistake so he says.

A mistake that left me hospitalised for 3 years.

But now I'm back...and I'm plotting my revenge.

He will never live this down,shooting me will be one thing,but being absent for the 3 years that followed was something else.

You will regret the time you ever left me,Jason McCann..I swear to you.

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


2. Forgotten


3 years later~


My breathing started to increase at an irrational pase..


I could hear machines churning out a irritating high pitch beep.


I could not fathom what was going on,and by the sound of it,hundreds of people were dashing about the room now,shouting irrelevant things to one another.


No matter how hard I tried I couldn't open my eyes,it hurt to even move a finger.


Slowly I became aware of things happening around me and I had realised I must of been in some sort of medical care as people were addressing each other with 'doctor' or 'nurse'.


''So you're telling me...she'll wake up any minute?'' Someone pondered. 


The next thing I know I felt the presence of someone standing over where I was laying,which I think...was a bed. 


''Wow,it's so weird to think that after 3 years she'll be able to speak and walk again.'' 


Who were they talking about?


It couldn't possibly be me? I mean..I don't have a valid enough reason for it not to be,but didn't seem right.


'' I'm going to evaluate her expressions,and if she has developed them again,in just a moment.'' 


I almost sounded like they were talking to me. 


''Be gentle with her,I feel like she is going to snap if handled,she seems so fragile.'' 


''Oh don't you worry,I promise not to hurt's just to see if she has any feeling in her bones which would be very rested by now,so it might take a while to get them going again.'' 


I wanted to call out but my mouth remained shut,as well as my eyes. 


Suddenly I felt someone lightly pinch the fingertip of one of my fingers.


''Okay wow,I saw her lip twitch then..I feel like she may be getting her senses back..would you like to see for yourself?'' 


I then heard a mans voice answer. ''Of course.'' 




Suddenly I felt my eyes unlatch from there clamp like grip,and suddenly bright white light drowned my eyes. 


I instantly closed them again and moaned,finding it excruciatingly painful to look at a light that bright.


''Oh my god.'' Someone whispered,shuffling around the room. 


I then re-opened my eyes and looked straight up,seeing nothing but pure white.


I'm definitely in hospital...but why?


I slowly began to feel my fingers twitching and before I knew it I could smell the purity of the hospital,the hand sanitisers and other clinical medicines.


Another moan escaped through my chapped lips and I suddenly began to sit up,meeting a bunch of faces I have yet to discover before. 


In the corner were ...I think,my dad and mom,why else would they cry when they saw me?


Unless I'm super ugly... 


I began to laugh but instantly stopped when my voice strained. 


The doctor ran forwards and handed me a cup of water and I slowly sipped,the liquid felt so unusual travelling down my dry throat.


''Hello Sienna,welcome back.'' The doctor chuckled,watching me sip the water. 


I looked at him and back at the faces around the room. 


And suddenly everything came rushing back.


I chocked and spat out the water before mumbling a sentence which I never thought would pass my lips. 


''J-Jason McCann did t-this..h-he shot me.'' I stammered,coughing straight after as all the memories from this boy with the name Jason rushed through my head. 


He had flippy hair and that's all my brain was processing..but I was determined to know what he meant in my life and I sure as hell am going to find out why the fuck he shot me. 


He won't live this down...


He made my world crumble to pieces,I've been a vegetable for 3 years..

He made me forget everything,apart from what he did. 

He will never be forgiven,he will remain dead to me. 


''Yes,you were accidentally shot.''


I scoffed. ''So he accidentally popped a cap in my head?..nuh-uh...there must be some fucking reason..I'm not believing it,you can't accidentally shoot someone.'' I growled. 


I could feel myself becoming angry from how much pain this boy was giving me.


''Sienna calm down.''  My 'dad' scolded,touching my arm ever so lightly. 


I narrowed my eyes at him. ''Your telling me to calm down when I've been in a coma for 3 fucking years?'' I laughed. ''All of you are completely fucked in the head if you think I'm fine about this,I demand to know where this Jason dude is..'' 


''Sienna,Jason is a part of a gang you see-'' 


''I said where is he..not give me his whole life story.'' I snapped irritably,throwing my half cup of water at the doctors head. 


''Look.'' He stated,trying to keep his cool. 


I watched as he wiped off the water. ''I know you're have every reason to be,but these past 3 years we've been keeping you alive,caring for you..and if you treat us like this..I- I just.'' He stopped,shaking his head. 


I instantly felt completely spoilt. ''Oh my god,your right..I'm so sorry..I'm extremely grateful for everything you've done,but I just want to know where he is...'' 


''Well all I know is he's on the run with his gang- the Blood Hound Assasins or B.H.A for short.Jason's been in the gang since the age of 16 and has worked his way up to becoming the leader...They're always over the news,for reported robberies and murders. Several times there has been warnings to stay in your house at all times as they will approach anyone on the street.''


I frowned. ''Blood Hand Assassins?'' 


''Hound...Blood Hound Assassins...yeah I know,weird name..but very well known. You could ask anyone in the country about this gang and you would probably get a quick answer or they'd look at you like they've seen a ghost.'' 


Whatever...they may be lethal,they may be dangerous,but I sure as hell know I need to get revenge on this bastard...I mean apparently he was my bestfriend? then where was he when I woke up?


He was actually out of town...but after a while of listening to my parents tell me about him,I knew exactly where this fucker was hiding. 




bad chapter but I wanted to quickly update for you guys:0


what's gonna happen:o 



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