Stained Red (Jason McCann Fanfiction)

Bang bang,he shot me down..bang bang,I hit the ground...bang bang,That awful sound...bang bang, My baby shot me down~ Nancy Sinatra

I was the first person Jason McCann ever shot,I was the first to feel the bullet from his gun.

He was 16..It was a mistake so he says.

A mistake that left me hospitalised for 3 years.

But now I'm back...and I'm plotting my revenge.

He will never live this down,shooting me will be one thing,but being absent for the 3 years that followed was something else.

You will regret the time you ever left me,Jason McCann..I swear to you.

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


4. Drowning in Darkness

Sienna's POV:

My eyes slowly adjusted to the low light in the repulsive smelling room I had woken up in.

The only noise that could be heard was from a leak of water in the corner of the room dripping and the low whistle of the wind coming in through the small gap in the old broken window. 

I sat there,short of breath as the tape on my mouth continued to pinch my skin. My ankles and wrists were tied together with chains which were hooked up to a pipe behind me.

I could barely see in front of me, all i could see was the midnight mist floating past the window and a small crack of light from under the door.


Suddenly the light from under the door disappeared and I whimpered,shutting my eyes almost instantly to make it look like this whole time I was sleeping.


The door swung open on que and almost instantly it shut again. I opened my eye a smidge to see what was going on but to my dismay I couldn't see.

I heard breathing though,and I tried my absolute best to keep calm.

''I know you're awake,cut the bullshit.'' They answered,sounding highly  amused at the fact that I was helpless.

Amazingly,That voice sounded so familiar but I couldn't pin point where I had heard it before. 

''Sienna,wake the fuck up.'' The person demanded,how did they know my name?

They chuckled. ''It's not hard to find out your name,you have it on a little car key ring thing,and on your phone case. '' They mentioned. 

Shit did I say that out loud?


''Yeah you did.'' 


The person laughed before they turned on the light,my eyes burned for a second adjusting to the brightness. My eyes slowly trailed up their body.


They were wearing all black apart from the gold chains hanging loosely from his neck and the rolex watch on his tatted wrists.


His arms were covered in Tattoo's that looked like they had no meaning,a devil with wings,clouds,a...toaster?


He sported a black and white bandana covering everything below his eyes. His eyes! They were so brown and light..was he the person who kidnapped me? he couldn't be? his eyes were so warm and inviting,like pools of caramel. 


Am I really discussing my Kidnappers eye colour? what is wrong with me. 


He had a symbol embroidered on his black sweatshirt which also looked very familiar. 


I saw the head of a pistol poke out the corner of his sweatshirt and I immediately froze. ''P-Please don't hurt me.'' I begged,trying my hardest to move well away from the unidentified person infront of me..


He walked forwards and pulled out the pistol,chuckling as he ran it down my neck and over my jawbone before prying my lips apart and letting it pull on my bottom lip. I was struggling to breathe at this point as I had never seen a gun so close to me since....since I was shot. 


''Oh Sienna.'' They whispered. ''If only you know.'' They muttered,sighing before putting the pistol back safely in his pocket. 


''Who-Who are you?'' I whispered,regaining my breath slowly but surely.


''Darling,I'm your nightmare.'' He chuckled lowly,walking forwards and running their fingers through my hair. 


''Why-Why am I here?''


''You ask a lot of questions.'' He barked,walking away and leaning against the wall with his leg perched up.


''First off...My name is Ja-Justin,and you're here because we've been keeping a very close eye on you Sienna.'' 


My muscles tensed up. ''W-Why,do I even know you?'' 


They began to chuckle. ''I don't I?'' He smirked,pulling out a snickers from his pocket and throwing it at me. ''Here eat must be hungry.'' 


I looked down at it in disgust. ''I hate nuts.'' I stated,kicking it back over to him.


''I'm sure you'll like my nuts.'' He taunted,reaching into another pocket and grabbing a few hershey kisses before throwing them at me. 


I thanked him quietly and tried my best to open up my hersheys but it was hard in chains. 


Justin sighed and walked over. ''If I let you out of these will you promise me not to run off or try to attack me?'' He pondered,waving the key in his hands. 


''I promise.'' I whispered. Justin unlocked the chains and stepped back as I picked up the kisses and stuffed them into my mouth. 


He chuckled. ''Im sorry its not proper food,I will go out later and get you McDonalds if you want.'' He replied.


I looked up for a moment and frowned. ''Why...why are you doing this for me? kidnappers don't give their victims McDonalds..let alone food,why aren't I being starved? why didn't you keep me locked up?why did you trust me?'' I whispered,positively confused.


''If you want me to lock you back up and not get you a McDonalds then its fine with me..I just thought-''


''NO! no,please do..Im sorry I'm just confused,why would you treat me like this when I'm a stranger to you?''


''You're no stranger to me Sienna,trust me...'' He replied,before he shut off the light and disappeared out of the door.


I heard a key and a lock being twisted and I then knew I was locked in..great,no chance of escape yet,what about the window? fuck...they're bars on the out side. 


I sighed and rested back,closing my eyes as they became heavy again...I had lost track of time but I knew it was late.



this chapter doesn't make sense tbh and I know its weird but yeh I wanted to update on all my stories today as a sorry for the long here you go enjoy.

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