Stone City: Book One: Celia Winters

Celia lives in the secluded Stone City with weird rules Celia doesn't quite understand. Until she breaks one she didn't even know existed, and another. About ten laws broken, Celia is on the run. For nothing. Can she figure out why they're chasing her, before it's too late?


2. Chapter Two

     “WE’RE VERY SORRY, Celia,” Brandon and Austin apologize. I know that there’s absolutely no heart in it, but I accept it anyway. I don’t think they can help it. I can see in Mother’s eye she is thanking me.

“Thank you, boys,” says Mother.

“Does this mean we aren't grounded anymore?” Austin says stupidly.

“No. Say something like that again and I’ll give it another week.”

“Sorry! I—I was kidding.”

“Yeah, right,” I sigh.

“Celia, honey, your bus will be here in about five minutes,” says Mother. “Your father already left so they’re a bit slow today. Go ahead outside.”

            I take my backpack outside to the bus stop. I sit in the grass alone, studying a textbook for History. I shut it when I realize I already read it but something catches my eye in one of the pages. A picture of a large cave is plastered next to a long page of text.


The Cave


“What an original name,” I smirk at the heading.


            Many years ago, back in the year 3000, an archaeologist nicknamed “Stone” discovered a cave. After climbing through it all the way, he found an exit from the dark cave he’d lived in for weeks. He crawled out and saw a long, wide space and thought; this is the perfect place for a kingdom of my own. So he gathered many, many men, and eventually built an enormous city, completely uninhabited except for him and the constructors. He named it Stone City.


Once again I wonder where he came up with such outlandish and crazy names.


            The city remained empty for years until he convinced people to join his city. It grew and grew into the city you live in today.

            Stone is known to be dead, as the city has been standing 200 years and that is much too old, considering as well that Stone was 32 years of age at his discovery of Stone City. Recorded as of 3199, the oldest person was 189 years of age and died on January 19th, 3179. Stone is still thanked and appreciated for his leadership that brought you the great city you know today.



            Cool. Now I know who discovered Stone City, the place I live in today. In other news, I have missed my bus.

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