Love me

"JAZZY" Zayn yelled. I look and he is standing behind me. "Jasmin please don't." He sighed. I see tears form in his eyes. I reach for his hand but I slip. "JAZZY!! NOO!!" He yells. I scream and my head hits a rock. Then, I black out.


11. What friends are for

Jazzy's POV

It's been a month since me and Zayn started dating and my life is getting on track. My foster parents were arrested for abuse and now me, Kason, and Zayn live together.

"Jazzy, time to go to school." Kason yells from downstairs. I run down the stairs and grab my bag. "Let's go!" I cheer and we all walk to school.

When we get there I see my friends Zack and Mandy. "Hey guys!" I wave and run to them. Mandy was crying. "What's wrong Mandy?" I ask.

"J-James broke up with me!" She sobbed. "Zack, are you behind this?" I joke. I know Zack has a HUGE crush on Mandy. "I swear I didn't know about it until today when she told me!" He puts his hands up and I giggle.

"Why would Zack be behind it?" Mandy asked. "Don't you dare!" Zack scolded and I laughed. "Zack has a HUGE crush on you." I say and he blushes.


"See you guys later!" I wave. "Thanks for comforting me guys." Mandy smiled. "That's what friends are for!" Me and Zack say in unison. We both giggle and head inside. I meet up with Zayn and we walk to class together.

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