Love me

"JAZZY" Zayn yelled. I look and he is standing behind me. "Jasmin please don't." He sighed. I see tears form in his eyes. I reach for his hand but I slip. "JAZZY!! NOO!!" He yells. I scream and my head hits a rock. Then, I black out.


3. Giving up

Jasmin's POV

"STOP!" My brother, Kason, yelled at our 'parents'. We were adopted because our real mom and dad died in a car crash. Now I am beaten everyday at home and at school.

"OWW!" I yell in pain. I get out of my 'dads' grasp and run out the door. I run and run until I reach the bridge. No one knew I had a plane to commit suicide. My phone starts ringing, but I don't answer.

"Hey Jazzy, call me back when you get this message. Just a heads up Zayn will come pick you up at the bridge." It was Kason. Zayn is his best friend. I have a huge crush on him, but I don't think he feels the same way. Kason is one of the 3 people who love me.

The other people are my only friends. I love them to bits but they would be better off without me. The world will be better without me. That's why I'm giving up.

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