Love me

"JAZZY" Zayn yelled. I look and he is standing behind me. "Jasmin please don't." He sighed. I see tears form in his eyes. I reach for his hand but I slip. "JAZZY!! NOO!!" He yells. I scream and my head hits a rock. Then, I black out.


2. Characters

Jasmin- Hates her life. Is beaten at school and at home. Cuts all the time. Kason's little sister. Wants to end it all. Not popular.

Kason- Jasmin's big brother. Plays football and hockey. The only one who loves her. Popular.

Zayn- Kason's best friend and football team mate. Falls in love with Jasmin. Average.

Mandy- One of Jasmin's only BFF. Loves dancing and hockey. Average.

James- Mandy's x- boyfriend. Plays hockey with Kason. Popular.

Zack- Jasmin's other best friend. Is also Mandy's Boyfriend. Average.

Cameron- Plays soccer. Bullies Jasmin. Popular.

Katie- Also bullies Jasmin.

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