Love me

"JAZZY" Zayn yelled. I look and he is standing behind me. "Jasmin please don't." He sighed. I see tears form in his eyes. I reach for his hand but I slip. "JAZZY!! NOO!!" He yells. I scream and my head hits a rock. Then, I black out.


13. Beaten

Jazzy's POV

"Hey, bitch!" Katie snickered and walked towards me. Oh great, the first day of school and I'm already gonna be bullied. I try to run away but Cameron blocks my way.

"Where do you think your going?" He growled. "Home." I mumbled. "NO FUCKING WAY ARE WE JUST GONNA LET YOU GO THIS TINE YOU WHORE!!" He yelled and punched me in the stomach.

"Stop!" I cry but he doesn't listen. He pushes me against the lockers and throws another punch to my face. I fall to the ground and he kicks me in the stomach. He grabs me and picks me up. He throws me into the lockers and I black out.

Zayn's POV

I see two people walk out of the school snickering and giggling. I turn around and see Jazzy laying on the ground. "JAZZY!!" I yell and run to her. She has blood streaming down her face and her eyes are closed.

"What the..." I look up to see Kason standing beside me. "I don't know what happened!" I cry before he accuses me, as usual. I look at her and her eyes flutter open.

"Jasmin, what happened?" I ask. "T-t-they beat me up." She cried. "Who?" I hold her tight. "K-Katie and C-Cameron." She replied and hugs me. I help her up and drive her home.

Skip car ride

I open the door and place her on the bed. I clean her up and sit beside her. She hugs me right and I kiss her forehead. She looks up at me and smiles. She leans in and kisses me and I kiss back.

"I love you." I she said as we pull away. "I love you too Jazzy." I smile and wrap my arms around her. She falls asleep and after about five minutes after her, I doze off.

Hey guys! I hope ur enjoying the book! Love y'all!


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