Love me

"JAZZY" Zayn yelled. I look and he is standing behind me. "Jasmin please don't." He sighed. I see tears form in his eyes. I reach for his hand but I slip. "JAZZY!! NOO!!" He yells. I scream and my head hits a rock. Then, I black out.


14. Asking her out

Zack's POV

I walk out of school and I see Mandy waiting for me. "Hi Zack!" She smiled. "Hey Mandy. Umm, do you wanna, you know, umm, hang out tonight?" I ask. She smiles.

"Zack, are you asking me to go on a date with you?" She giggles. "No, well, umm, yes." I blush. "Sure!" She hugs me and smiles. "Pick me up at 4:30 ok?" She says.

"Ok, bye Mandy." I smile and wave to her. "Later Zack!" She waves and runs home.

Later that night

Mandy's POV

Omg! My biggest crush has a crush on me and he asked me out on a date! I get home and get changed. I wear a long red dress with a gold bow in my braided, brown hair.

Knock knock

Omg that's him! I run to the door and open it. "You look a-a-amazing." He shyly complements and I giggle. "Thanks!" I say and we walk out.

We arrive at a Italian restaurant and have dinner. We go to my house after and he turns to look at me. "I know that it's our first date, but will you go out with me?" He asked.

Zack's POV

She looks at me and smiles. "YES!!" She cheered and hugs me. She pulls away from the hug. She kisses me and I, of course, kiss back. I pull away and smile.

"Night Mandy." I wave. "Night Zack." She smiles and goes inside her house. I walk to my car and drive home.

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