This story is about a girl who's confident enough to deny giving
Justin Bieber what he wants, at least right away.


1. Changes

I had just graduated high school and I knew that I didn't want to stay in this country anymore. My name is Claudia and I was born and raised in a small country next to Spain called Portugal. My mom was born in South Africa and just like me she never really felt like she belonged in this country. Most people would think that this is crazy but the truth is that even though that place was all I've ever knew it never felt like home. I talked with my parents about going study abroad, the first option would be, of course, London because I would be closer to home and I could come visit my family often but a few weeks after I had this conversation with my parents my mother told me that someone offered my dad a great job opportunity in Los Angeles. Of course I got all happy because if my father took the job - which I knew he was going to - I wouldn't have to be away from my family or at least the closest part of my family and that wasn't all, we were talking about Los Angeles. What more could I ask for? After my dad accepted the job we spent the Summer looking through houses that fit our budget and taking care of all the documents we needed to become a US citizen.

The first couple of months were a bit difficult, everything was very different from what I was used to, it was like I had to start my life over, no friends, no familiar faces except the celebrities that sometimes roamed the popular shops there, no nothing. My father's work was going fine and my mother started working in a popular hair salon right in the middle of the city but somehow I didn't feel okay with them paying for my studies completely, I wanted to help somehow. After all living in Los Angeles wasn't exactly the cheapest thing in the world and I wasn't an only daughter, I also had two younger brothers. I started looking for part time jobs since I couldn't take a full time job, being a art student took a lot of my time as well. That's when I saw a announcement on the internet about a store called "Mia's" (let's say this is a popular store there ok) that was actually close to my house being hiring someone for a part time job. I didn't have a lot of job experience but all they were really asking for was someone who could speak more than one language, I could speak Portuguese, English and Spanish so I didn't find a reason why not to apply.

I walked to the mirror positioned next to my bed and checked how I looked. I looked okay but I knew that to work in such a popular store I had to at least make a great first impression, we were taking about a place full of luxury, a place that sold the most expensive designer clothes and accessories. I walked up to my closet and grabbed a fancy black dress that made me looked like a real lady and put it on. That was more like it, I smile slightly checking myself from different angles in the mirror and then went looking for my favorite pair of heels. I put them on and then walked to the bathroom to do my make up, I did a casual look and applied some red lipstick to make it look a bit more sophisticated. To finish the look I grabbed a jacket that went perfectly with the dress, put it on and then grabbed my purse. It was time to try my luck.

When I got there there was about twenty for girls waiting in a line to be interviewed, well this was going to take a while or at least that's what I thought but reality quickly showed that that wasn't how things were going down. A not so tall man around his fifty's came out of a office incorporated in the store and looked over at us "My ladies" he greeted the girls with a gentle yet cocky smile, he was very well dressed "As you can imagine you have to look a certain way to work here and with that said I'll have to tell some of you to go home and look somewhere else" he said in a arrogant tone and started pointing to random girls, he didn't say a word, he simply pointed to them and then towards the exit. I could tell that some of the girls really felt insulted but they didn't dare to open their mouth, he was intimidating but if that had happened to me I wouldn't probably leave without saying anything. Out of 25 girls there was only 5 left, he was picky for a man who looked like he was gay, no offense nor homophobia but that thought invaded my mind for a couple of seconds. My thoughts were interrupted by his annoying voice "Follow me" he said and walked back to the office. We followed him to the office, it was beautiful and one of the girls didn't waste her time to lick his ass and compliment the office. I rolled my eyes and he looked at me with a small smile on his face which made me chuckle a bit since I knew he knew exactly why I rolled my eyes like that. He interviewed us all at the same time and explained to us how this store was very popular and how thousands of celebrities chose to come here to buy their clothes. The whole speech was kind of boring but I guess he was just trying to make us understand that this was a big responsibility. After a hour that felt more like an eternity he stood up from his chair "I made a decision. Claudia, I would love if you worked with us. He smiled and looked and then looked at the other girls with a death stare meaning they would have to go. "I will do my best" I said in a excited tone "So when do I start?" I asked as I ran a hand through my wavy, long brow hair "First I think you should know that I didn't pick you only for your looks and it wasn't for your job experience either, obviously. I liked your attitude and I also like the fact that you can talk Portuguese, we receive a lot of Brazilian people here and you even have that accent so that's a plus. I hope you don't disappoint me and you can start now." He said and sat back on his chair "Now?!" I asked not expecting to start that quickly. "Yes, any problem?" He raised an eyebrow "Not at all sir" I was going to get paid 600$ a moth for a simple part time job, I wouldn't dare to complain. He made a call and a young beautiful blonde lady came up to me and took me to a small room where the uniforms were "I'm sure we'll have your size" She said and after I told her my size she handed me an uniform and then a pin with my name on it, wow they were fast. Then she took me back to where we received the clients and pointed to someone who had just walked in "There's your first costumer. Good luck and by the way my name is Gabriela." She smiled at me. I felt nervous because I had just been hired and I had to start already, the man had explained me exactly what I needed to do so I guess I would be fine.

I walked up to the boy who was going through some clothes "Hello sir, what can I help you with? Looking for something specific?" I asked and the boy who had a blonde girl as company turned around. I swear I almost fell right there, could this boy really be, Justin fucking Bieber? I had been a fan of his since I was 14 years old, well, since 2009 but I kind of started being a so called Belieber this year because of all the shit he had been doing and also because I had a lot to concern about such as moving countries and studying. I was fangirling really bad on the inside but I couldn't show it, I had to be a professional "I was just looking but I'm actually looking for Chanel earrings for her" he simply said. E didn't seem to have a problem with checking my out in front of Chanel Jeffries, his rumored girlfriend that I had no idea why I hadn't recognized earlier. "Follow me mister Bieber, please" I said and gave a him a friendly smile. As I walked to where we had the earrings I could feel his eyes on my butt which was making me a little uncomfortable.

Justin's point of view

The girl who was attending me was a total hottie. She deserved those earrings even more than Chantel did just for looking like that. As she walked in front of me I couldn't help but state at her perfect little butt in that sexy dress, their uniform was great but it looked even better in her. Chantel was giving me one of her death stares but I honestly didn't care, she should feel glad I'm buying her those earrings, after all she's just good at fucking. She wasn't girlfriend material at all but she sure did know how to blow me right. "Here they are" the beautiful brunette who looked like pale latina said in her cute accent "Thanks." I smiled at her as she opened the glass box the earrings were in, she smiled back and damn her smile was beautiful. I completely forgot about the blonde that was with me but she was probably too distracted looking at the earrings anyways "You're not from here, are you?" I asked trying to start a casual conversation "No, I'm not. Is any accent that obvious?" She raised an eyebrow at me with a smile "Just a little" I chuckled. Just when I was about to talk a bit more to her Chantel interrupted me "I want these babe" she said pointing at a pair of earrings that in my opinion weren't even the prettiest ones. I looked at the girl in front of me "I'll have those" I said and she quickly did what she had to do. I paid for the earrings and looked over at the girl again "Can I have your name?" I asked and licked my lips "It's here" She pointed at a pin she had on her chest and I was basically forced to look at her breasts, well I wasn't forced to but you know, I'm a boy, I have hormones and all. I didn't want to be disrespectful so I didn't stare for too long and looked up. Chantel had already gone to the car with her new pair of earrings "So Claudia, would you like to go to a party in my house tonight?" I asked with a smirk on my face. This one was mine.

Claudia's point of view

I wasn't expecting him to invite me to go to a party in his house but if he thought that I was going to accept it he was very wrong. Gabriela who was basically fan girling next to me gave me a small push and I just shook my head "I don't think that's going to happen Bieber, you'll have to try harder than that" I told him without any hesitation and heard Gabriela gasping next to me. Justin gave me a weird look, he was definitely not used to be turned down by a girl and that was completely understandable but I wasn't up to be one of his groupies or anything like that. "Oh, I will try harder" he looked into my eyes with those beautiful eyes of him and then looked at Gabriela. He wrote down what seemed to be his number on a piece of paper and handed it to her, then he whispered something in her ear and I just rolled my eyes at him. I didn't want to be one of his bitches and he's already asking another girl, way to try harder. He smiled at me before going out of the store "What a fucking jerk" I mumbled but somehow Gabriela managed to hear me "Are you kidding? He totally fancies you" she gave me another push and giggled "Right, that's why he started whispering things to you and gave you his number just after I said no" I pressed my lips together and took care of some computer work "He told me to go and to make sure you come with me and Claudia, we're fucking going." She gave me another push " Could you stop doing that? I'm not going anywhere." I was kind of happy he really wanted me to go but he still seemed like a cocky motherfucker to me, nothing like the 2009 Justin I had fallen in love with. Of course that he grew up but last time I checked biting hoes' tits wasn't classy nor a real grown man thing. Half of me wants to go to the party and see that beautiful boy again but the other half just wants to forget about the feeling I got the first time I saw him in front of of me.


I'm sorry if this was boring. This was more like an introduction chapter. I hope you liked it and you should leave me some comments about what you think and maybe ask for the next chapter, yeah?

Thanks for reading, Claudia 💕

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