Because of you

Willow also known as "Low" is the one Jesse wants to marry. But the two of them are night and day and Justin can't see how Low puts up with Jesse and all of his women. Low needs a real man, like popstar Justin Bieber. But that's going to get complicated and messy- real fast.


3. embarrassed.

Willow's POV:

"Low," Justin whispered in my ear. I snuggled closer to the sound and breathed deeply. He smelled so good I wanted to curl up inside of his clothes.

"Low you need to wake up" his voice said a little louder. I stretched and opened my eyes to adjust to the darkness. But the first thing I saw was a very defined six pack of Justin Bieber's stomach peeking out from underneath his black v-neck he was wearing. My next thought was that my head was in his lap.

"I'm sorry I had to wake you..but it's two and I figured you might want to get to bed before Jesse gets home" His caramel eyes were sleepy. I nodded and stood up, trying to contain a yawn. "Goodnight Justin" I said shyly and headed for Jesse's bedroom. 

"Goodnight Low" was the last thing I heard as I shut the bedroom door. A smile spread across my face as I climbed into bed.

*Next day*

"Hey baby, I'm home and I'm clean. I scrubbed in the shower and used half a bottle of mouthwash," Jesse murmured as he crawled into bed beside me. I forced open my eyes to see the sunrise on the horizon. I nodded and rolled over to get another hour of sleep before  I needed to get up for class. "I'm sorry I stayed out all night. I didn't mean to," he whispered, reaching out and clasping my hand in his. I didn't allow him to snuggle up to me in bed. It never ended well. He'd get a hard on and start trying to feel me up. We had tried to a few times but I always ended up frustrated with him, I didn't want things to physical between us. Jesse was my family. Nothing more.

"It's okay"  I muttered. 

"Did you have a good evening?"  I nodded against the pillow. 

"Did you hang out with Justin?" he asks. I nodded again.

"Jesse, I don't mean to sound bitchy but its six in the morning and I have a class at eight, I'm trying to sleep , not make conversation." I said immediately regretting my little attitude. I heard him draw in a breath of air and felt the bed shift as he turned onto his side.

"Sorry Low" he muttered and then it was quiet.

*one hour later*

I hadn't expected Justin to be awake when I walked out of Jesse's bedroom. And I certainly didn't think he'd be standing in the kitchen making eggs and bacon. 

"Goodmorning" I couldn't help but smile at how cute he looked cooking in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"I just thought I'd make food instead of waking up Kenny to go run and get some" Justin said shrugging a little bit. My heart melted. No one had ever made me breakfast and I definitely didn't expect it from the Justin Bieber. The boy who has every girls heart, the boy who has the money and the fame.Why did this amazing, wonderful, sexy guy have to be Justin Bieber? Why couldn't he be one of Jesse's teammates or one of his classmates? Someone who understood the life I live and doesn't have a billion people watching my every move.

"That's really sweet" I said breaking the silence and I grabbed a chair at the bar. He grinned and reached for a plate "Then I guess my mission is accomplished." He then handed me the plate that was now filled with the delicious food he had just made. 

"Thank you so much Justin, it smells amazing" I said sweetly. His smile deepened, there was something in his eyes I hoped I wasn't imagining. The interest was there, I could see it. Oh who was I kidding, Justin would never love anyone like me, I'm not rich nor famous. Let's face it, I'm not Selena. Yeah,I'm not a fan of Justin's but I have heard of 'Jelena'. 

"You're welcome, and if you keep looking at me like that I may become your personal chef" I covered a giggle I couldn't control. He definitely just hit on me..Now I know I wasn't imagining it. His eyes got serious a moment, and I watched as he reached out to touch my cheek. 

"You've got the prettiest eyes I've ever seen" he whispered. My heart thudded through my ears, I felt the heat rising to my cheeks. I cleared my voice and tried to act confident. "Justin, my eyes are shit brown" I said, acting normal. He laughed lightly and shook his head. "They have a sparkle in them and I just..I love it" He smiles and I smile back. He started to lean in and I followed his lead.

"Low?" I heard a familiar voice grumble from Jesse's bedroom, I pulled away before our lips even touched. I looked up at Justin and saw a flash of hurt in his eyes and I looked at him with a "I'm sorry" look and disappeared into Jesse's room.

Jesse had the curtains closed, which meant only one thing..he had a hungover. I laughed lightly as I turned my eyes toward Jesse who's hands were on his head covering his eyes. "Baby, please bring me some water" he pleaded,I then turned on my heel and made my way out of the door. I walked into the kitchen and Justin was nowhere to be found, but a note was left beside my breakfast. 

"I wanted to ask you in person but you left...and I had to go meet up with my manager. Willow, I'd like to take you out tonight, say 7? -Justin"

My cheeks were starting to hurt from smiling so much, Justin Bieber just asked me out. Me. Willow. Low. whatever you want to call me, you get the point. What was I going to wear? 

"WILLOW!" Jesse shouted from the bedroom breaking my thoughts reminding me of the water he had asked for ten minutes ago. I walked toward the mahogany cabinets and pulled out a glass and made my way to the fridge. I filled the glass up with water and made my way toward Jesse's room smiling from ear to ear.



Okay! So did you like it?! Comments? How do you think Jesse's going to feel when he finds out about Low and Justin? Will Justin tell him or Low? How do you think Low will like Justin's crazy lifestlye? Stay tuned for the next chapter! Thanks for reading xoxo, Hailee. If you have any questions ask!


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