The smirk

There's nothing much too say except that Harry styles is sooo flirtatious, cute, convincing and charming......... That sometimes he can be heartbreaking.......


5. pleasure!

A couple of months later.....

"Morning Hazza boo!" I teased Harry as he was slowly waking up. He hated the name, giving me a reason to use it.

"Love, how many times will I say this..." He started.

"But it makes u sooo...."



"Then don't use it, "

"It makes u sexy" I gave in, blushing when I saw him smirk again. I can't believe we've been together for some months but I still blush when he smirks. I don't know but he has this power over me...... I like it.

I went downstairs to make some breakfast for the both of us. When I heard a thump coming from upstairs. I ran ferociously hoping that Harry wasn't hurt, whatever he was doing. I came to see. He was on the floor. Looks like he had rolled of the bed into the floor again. Typical. I bent down slowly to wake him up and to get him into bed. When I realised the rate of my heart when I heard the thump. Did I really love him that much? I knelt there staring at his face for a moment and brushed his soft curls of his face so it wasn't covering his eyes.

"Gotcha!" He shocked me and flipped us both over so that he was on top of me. And started kissing me. He must have freshened up because his breath was so minty fresh but again it always is.

For many weeks now, Harry trie making the move when I kept rejecting he was getting sadder and sadder though he didn't want to show it. Then I did not feel ready but for some reason now I felt safe. Especially with him. But I was scared.

"Harry, stop!" I giggled then went serious.

"Sorry love ," his face dropped.

"No, it's just that I want to do it. I think I'm ready."

"Are you sure?"

"If I ever lose my virginity to someone, I want it to be with you."

He smiled and lifted me onto the bed. Harry unbuttoned my top throwing it onto the floor. He kissed my belly button making me giggle lightly. He moved down to my jeans. Pulling them off slowly. He kissed my feet moving up towards my soft spot. When he was there he took off my lace knickers and kissed me. I looked at him scared and worried.

"It's ok, trust me." He said soothingly.

So I closed my eyes to relax.

"Relax babe," he said . So I obeyed and he penetrated himself into me. Slowly he went in and pulled out several times. It hurt so bad I was crying. But after a while I was staring to enjoy it . He hit my g-spot and increased his pace and flipped me over so I was on top I decide to take control and continue bouncing on him. Now I was increasing the pace.

"I'm-I'm gonna come!" He yelled

"Me too!" I repeated

He continued pumping for seconds before he released warm liquid into me.

We relaxed and slept for a bit.


Sorry guys that this chapter was really dirty but there won't be much of this in the future promise...unless you want it. Comment if you do. This is my first book so I'm giving it all I got! Like favourite and fan! Thx for all your support so far! I love you chocolate buttons!

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Emily xoxo

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