The smirk

There's nothing much too say except that Harry styles is sooo flirtatious, cute, convincing and charming......... That sometimes he can be heartbreaking.......


2. Is That a Date?

Tanya's POV

Katie snatched my phone away from me. I whined...... A lot!

"Kate give it back. C'mon give it back!" I argued.

" why? Is there something you're hiding? Something you're. It telling us!??" She raised her eye brows and narrowed her eyes , making me feel a bit giddy. I looked at Georgia and then at Katie from side to side only moving the pupils of my eyes ad nothing else. I grabbed my phone off of katie and ran upstairs as if I was being chased by a serial killer. I sprinted to my room and locked all the doors and putting a chair under the handle, so they couldn't come in. I went under my bed sheets on my bed and continued texting Harry. I could hear the jealousy in my friends' voices and by the way they were banging on my door not considering the time and the neighbours next door.

I looked at my phone. It was on a phone call. I was confused as I didn't call anyone. I must have typed in some random number while I was running upstairs. I didn't know who I called so I waited till the person on the other side of the call responded.

"Hello? It's Harry.... Harry styles..... Tanya you there?" It was Harry and I could hear he was tire himself. But his voice.... Oh his voice...... Deep, sexy , mature and a tad mysterious.

" What happened I heard so much noise and banging! " he sounded worried but he kept his cool.

" oh that's nothing it's just that my friends are all over one direction and they found out I was talking to you...... So I made a run for it." I said slowly and quietly.

" oh well where are u now?" He asked ever so gently.

" In my room.." I chuckled.

He laughed quietly. Then suddenly I felt bad talking to him so rudely not knowing what I was saying.

" Erm Mr styles? I'm really sorry about me talking to to you quite rudely a few moments ago. " I apologised as angelically as possible.

" Woah first call me Harry..... Always.... And second, don't worry it's fine. Sometimes I like it when people don't talk to me like I'm Harry styles ." He spoke honestly very softly and I wondered if ........ No snap out of it. I shook my head trying to forget my thoughts. It didn't work.

"I want to see you if that's ok?" He calmly demanded.

"What? Why?" I asked sinking into my bed.

"Because if u don't mind me saying, you sound really pretty, and cute and u sound like a person with blue eyes. Brown hair, light freckles, chestnut hair, and an amazing personality" I felt as if he was start to slightly flirt with me. Well... After all I was talking to Harry styles. But his words were so carefully picked out. How could I not give him a picture if me ? Wait I'm missing the point! How does he know how I look like? I went looking out all my windows, nope no one I looked outside my door no one except Georgia who wasn't bothered in my phone anymore.

"How did you know how I looked like?"I asked worriedly.

" sweetheart I just know. Tomorrow at the friendly cafe near the Olympic City that was last year. Keep it low key I don't want to be spotted." He spoke as if I agreed. Like I was going to say no!I tried to keep it cool like him and not to sound too excited.

"Ok sure!" I replied

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