The smirk

There's nothing much too say except that Harry styles is sooo flirtatious, cute, convincing and charming......... That sometimes he can be heartbreaking.......


4. is It official!?!?

It was a while now since I drove back and all I could think about was Harry and our kiss. It was amazing but I wasn't sure if I was to trust him. We only just met and he went straight for my lips. He was really brave to do that. And I loved it when he took control . Was i falling for him?? I couldn't be! No I wasn't ready to accept the fact I might have feelings for him........

But right now I had other things to worry about. I had to graduate to oxford university but how could I if I was concentrating on Harry. I had to forget what happened. My face fell into diss appointment.

Knock knock!! I hurriedly paced towards the door as it was raining outside now and I didn't want someone to stand out side in the cold.

It was Georgia and Katie with their angry faces.

" where were you?" Georgia strained her voice

"I - I as out.." I stammered

"We're not stupid !where?" Katie insulted

I decided to give up in trying to lie. They were going to find out eventually.

"I was out on a so-called date with.......Harry" I smiled.

"Styles??" They did in unison.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh..." I chuckled lightly .

They were silent for a minute or so but then they looked at each other and before you know it they were screaming like mad!


"So is it official?" Georgia questioned me.

"I don't know..... We only met today." I was still smiling not forgetting about my studies and my graduation.

Katie and Georgia took it in turns to ask me questions and I was prepared for all of them. Especially as I knew they were really jealous of me meeting someone from 1 direction. Never mind kissing one of them. The cutest one in my opinion!


To Tanya

Can I meet you soon

From Harry styles

To Harry styles

I'd love to yes.

62 marshe ave. visit me anytime but text me first. Cos u know .. Katie and Georgia!

From Tanya

I can't believe I sent that without thinking. I wanted to take it back! Why did I give him my address?

"Tanya....." Georgia slowly tapped me on my shoulder bringing me back to reality. They were tired now as the time was around 10:30 so they said they'd go home now. I agreed and soon locked the door behind them after they left.I carried myself up to my room.

"Surprised!" It was Harry! I jumped. What was he doing here??

"What are you did...... W-" I was confused and before I could finish, he kissed me passionately. He has kissed me before but it wasn't like this.

"" I asked when I was able to breathe between his passionate kisses.

"Yes honey." He chuckled kissing my forehead.

"Since we kissed earlier I couldn't resist.." He chose his words carefully. I realised this was happening really quickly but at this moment I fell head over heels for him.

He smirked. Then resumed kissing me. Slowly he moved down to my jawline and then down onto my collar bone. Then stopped. He told me he knew I was a virgin and that he knew I wasn't ready so he told me he would do it slowly but later. With that he left back out my window. The way he came in. I blew him a kiss. Once again, he smirked making me flush, this time a deep red.


Hi guys. I know this chapter was a bit sloppy but I'll try to improve in the next chapter. I've got a really good plot for you guys. I promise u will enjoy it!

5 likes for the next chappie ( chapter )

Emily xoxo

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