The smirk

There's nothing much too say except that Harry styles is sooo flirtatious, cute, convincing and charming......... That sometimes he can be heartbreaking.......


7. breaking the ice and bones

Who was she? Was he cheating on me? Is he taking the boy and girlfriend thing seriously?

Soon later there was a knock at the door. I reacted quickly to see Harry soaked in the rain outside. I had a problem where whatever good or bad the person has done ,when they are in need. I'm the first to volunteer. In this case, Harry was soaking and I couldn't stop noticing how cute he looked when he had wet hair in his face and the water dripping from his lips.

"Wanna come in?" I asked pitying him.

"Yeh........" He showed me his smoulder. I rolled my eyes and stepped aside letting him in. He went straight for the couch, making himself comfy. He held both his hands together like a ball and put his elbows on his knees.

I sat away from him constantly looking down.

"Tanya. There's .. Something I need to tell you." He stuttered. My eyes shot up looking at me fiercely. I could tell he was scared because he starting gulping loudly.

"The girl you saw. Erm she was an old friend and she just wanted to tell me she, her, well her, errr, her dad, mum! Mum died a few days ago. As you could tell from her appearance." He kept changing his mind making me a bit suspicious.

"Any way..." He managed to smirk at me.

"My birthday is coming up and I don't know how you celebrate bitlrthday a but I like it when there are massive parties loud music, and ..... You...." There were no more suspicious thoughts about him and my faced turned into a " awww that's really sweet!" look. He pecked me on the cheek making me blush again.

"I love the power I have over you."

Making me blush once more.

Harry's POV

Phew that was close. You know I'm not that good at breaking the ice. Isn't that a surprise?? But honestly that was close!!

" honey I gotta go ok?" I kinda forced.

"Ok." She said in her usual sweet and innocent voice. That was what turned me on the most but I learnt to control myself. She lead me to the door and I walked out but before put a second foot outside the door she whipped me around and kissed me passionately. I made it deeper and offered to go to the next step by sliding my hand up her shirt and to the buckle of her bra, but she pushed it down still kissing me, gripping onto my hair. She let go and separated us.

"That shows how much I trust you. Please don't break that and please don't lie to me. It's ok if u have done it so far, you have a chance to confess now. Please Harry don't hide things from me." Ah whispered in my ear nibbling on it slightly before moving away.

"I will never lie to you. I promise." I know what I did was wrong but if I told her the truth her heart would break. She managed a weak smile and pecked my cheek. The first thing after that I was going to do was a DNA test for me and my " so called" child. I let out a sigh in hope the test would be negative. I walked out. Just when I was going to wave bye I saw someone throwing a sack on her head. The door slammed. There was loud and short scream.

"Tanya!!!!!!" I screamed back. I called the police and have them her address. When they cut the phone, I threw mine on the floor and kicked the door in hope it would break. Instead I ended up making a fool of myself. I fell unconscious on the floor.

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