Lost, Dangerous, Not Alone

17 year old Jade was adopted as a newborn. Her parents raised her like a normal child, but she's far from normal. One day, her parents are kidnapped and she discovers her powers. She thinks she's a freak, but she meets 5 boys who like her. They take her in and they learn about her bit by bit, not knowing who she truly is. Jade feels lost and alone, but she has the boys. Not only does she not trust them, but she falls for one. She learns to trust the boys and they tell her a secret that they hid from everyone. One day, she goes insane and hurts the boys, losing their trust. One on the other hand, stays with her. He's not afraid of her. Jade becomes scared of herself as she slowly goes insane. Will she earn back the boys' trust? Will she be able to save her adoptive parents?


5. Song Of Unhealing Part 1

All around me is death. The smell of death, the sight of death. There was no way of escaping it. I ran for miles, death. I hear a faint piano. A hear a voice. "Ben drowned. You're next." It said. I was scared and alone. "Boys!" I call out. Nothing. "Boys! Please!" I call again. Still nothing. I hear a faint gun shot and I run towards the sound. A loud scream. "ZAYN!" I call. There he is, dead. I look to my right and see Niall. "Niall!" I call. He turns. Half his face is gone, the skin pealing. It was Niall. Well, it wasn't him in the body. His face falls off, followed by his chest being ripped open to reveal...

My head shot up off my pillow. I was breathing heavily. Niall appeared in the doorway. 

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Uhhh... Ya, I'm fine." I replied.

"Jade, please. If something is bothering you, tell me. I'll listen." 

"Niall, I'm fine. Just leave me be."

"Jade, now I know something is bothering you. You always like me around."

"Niall. Go." 

"Jade, no. I won't." 

I stood up and slammed the door in his face. I sat on my floor with so many thoughts. Just 3 days ago, I found out I was a freak, then I started having those dreams. I wasn't going back to sleep, not for a long time. 

Niall's POV:

"Boys, I'm worried about her." I said.

"She's just taking her time getting used to it." Liam said. 

"But she loves my company and last night I show up and she slams the door in my face." I argued.

"Leave her be, Niall. Right now, it's for the best." Zayn said. 

I heard Jade come down the stairs. She was looking at her feet and I saw a tear fall. She didn't look up once, she just went to the kitchen, got something to eat, and headed back up to her room. I had to do something. I ran up after her.

"Jade, please. Talk to me." I begged. She turned and her eyes were bloodshot.

"Go away!" She half yelled.

"Jade, please." I placed my hand on her shoulder.

"What part of 'go away' do you not understand!?" She twisted my arm causing me to cringe in pain. 

She let go and walked away. I rubbed my arm. I heard her slam her door and a soft sob. Something smashed and she punched something. I just looked in the direction of her door and hung my head. It was more than just worry I was feeling. The boys were wrong, oh so wrong. She didn't need time to get used to anything, she needed someone to talk to. Some help.

No One's POV:

Niall's heart hung heavy all day while Jade stayed in her room. Jade threw things around and punched the wall in frustration and anger. She hurt her best friend, she knew it, but her mind was being taken over by thoughts she didn't want. Thoughts that angered her, thoughts of her dreams. 

Jade's POV:

There I stood. I stood with the boys laying dead around my feet. I was crying a silent cry. Something cold and strong grabbed my wrist. I felt metal slid into my back. I screamed. What ever it was, it was pulled out quickly. I fell to the ground and looked up at a shadowy figure. "You're next." It said before disappearing into black dust. I couldn't move. I felt something cold against my back, this time water. It was Niall's hand. He spoke not a word, just looked at me. My wound started to heal, but Niall died before he could do much else. I staggered to my feet. The shadowy figure came back. "What do you want with me?!" I demanded. No words, just a knife. I grabbed it before I realized that the shadow was... Me! "Why do you fight it? Why don't you just live the way you have to? You'll save our parents that way." It said. I stumbled back. "Please, stop! This isn't right! STOP!" I shouted.

"Stop!" I shouted out loud. I had passed out.

The boys came running. 

"What happened?!" They asked.

I shook my head and pointed to the door. Niall was the last to leave. The sad look in his eyes made me stop.

"You can stay." I said.

"Thank you." He said.

Niall sat next to me. 

"Can you tell me what's bothering you?" He asked.

"Nothing, just my parents... They're not really dead. They were taken away." I said and handed him the note. 

"Jade, I'm so sorry. I'll help you get them back! I promise!" 

"Thanks, but no. It's important I do it on my own." 

"I don't care, I'm helping you!" 

"Fine, you can if you want." 

He left the room. I started playing around with some water I had in a cup. I knew how to water bend, but nothing else. 

Niall's POV:

It's been 3 days since Jade told me her parents were still alive. I was still worried about her. She was even more aggressive now. She hit everything, she gave Liam a black eye and she locked herself in her room. If anyone came near the door, she'd throw something at us. She'd send threats, curses, everything at us. I had caught a glimpse of her once and her eyes were full of regret and tears. Something had happened to make her this way.

I heard a noise come from Jade's room. It didn't sound like the usual cry, scream or smash. 

"Why? Why? WHY!?" She cried over and over. Then came a creepy little laugh.

I poked my head out of my room just slightly. She stepped out of her room. Her eye was twitchy, she was twitchy, her hair was a mess, her clothes were ripped, her eyes were huge and red, and her face was very pale. She had a creepy little smile on her face. Now I was really worried. I saw something in her hand. Something that shone when it caught the light. I realized what it was. It was her hand gun, and in the other hand, a knife. I was scared. What had gotten into her? 

"No more running.... No more life.... No one can stop me.... God can't save them now...." She muttered as she walked past my room. 

She walked down the stairs and I woke up the boys. We all followed her. She was heading towards a pack of wolves. A couple lunged at her, but she shot one, stabbed the other. We watched. Zayn ran up behind her and tried to stop her, but she stabbed his arm. She knocked him to the ground and she looked at him with a creepy little smile. She had blood all over her. The others ran up and she used air bending to push them back. She pointed her gun at Zayn. 

"Any last words, pretty boy?" She asked. 

He looked at her in fear. A single tear ran down her face. 

"Shoot him. No! Yes. No! Do it Jade. I won't do it. You have to..." She was fighting something. I hated to do this, but I used my water bending to threw her back so Zayn could get to his feet. She laid on the ground, twitching. She let out a scream of pain. The knife was in her back. I didn't care what was happening, I ran to her. I pulled the knife out and she staggered to her feet. The boys were scattered. Jade pointed her gun at me.

"Do it, Jade. No! I can't. GIVE ME THE KNIFE! No, Niall, don't! Give it to me, damn it!" She said. I dropped the knife and she quickly grabbed it. Now, both the gun and knife were pointed at me. 

"Niall, please get away from me... No, Jade! He has to die." She argued with herself. 

While she was distracted, I took the gun, dropping it and moved the knife out of the way. I slammed my lips to hers. She froze and dropped the knife. I cupped her face in my hands and I met this kiss. I met every second of it. When I pulled away, Jade fell to the ground, crying.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry!" She cried.

"It's OK, Jade. I forgive you." I said. I hugged her and she pushed me off.

"I don't want to hurt you!" 

"Jade, then let me help with your wound."

"Why?" A few tears ran down her face as she spoke, "So I can just go crazy again and kill everyone?"

She suddenly looked faint and fell. I caught her and cradled her in my arms. Her face was even paler than it already was. Her breathing got softer and softer. She was as cold as ice. She was dying in my arms. I didn't know what to do. Her body went limp and she stopped breathing all together. I let some tears escape my eyes. I pressed my lips to hers gently and fell to my knees. I held her body close to me. I had to fix this somehow. A tear dripped onto her face and I couldn't look at her. 

"She's gone dude, maybe it's for the best." Harry said as tears escaped his eyes.

"How could you say that!? She didn't mean any of this! It wasn't her! It wasn't her fault!" I hollered through my tears. 

"Nialler, she's in a better place." Zayn said, rubbing his arm. 

"HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM ABOUT THIS!? She's fucking dead!" I pressed my forehead to hers. 

"She did try to kill us..." Liam said. 

"It's better off like this." Loui said. 

"Don't you see?! She was special to me! Like my little sister! My soul mate! I loved her and she's gone. You're heartless! She never meant to hurt anyone! I understand her!" I shouted. 

My tears raced down my face as the boys looked at me. 

"If you think I'm gonna just forget the love of my life, then shot yourselves!" I shouted. 

I took a deep breath and shut my eyes as I hung my head. I looked up at the boys and they were just staring. 

"We'll miss her, too, but this kind of thing will happen when we are the way we are." Liam said. 

They had a point, but it wasn't good enough. Tears ran down my face faster.

"But you didn't have a special connection with her. You didn't understand her the way I did. You didn't fall deeply in love with her when you met her." I said and shut my eyes. I felt the back of a hand touch my cheek. I opened my eyes and I realized it was Jade. 

"Jade!" I exclaimed.

"Hi." She said. 

"Not that I'm not over joyed, but how?!"

"Your tears, you big baby."

I smiled and pulled her into a hug. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and buried her face into the side of my neck. 

"I'm so glad you're OK." I said. 

"By the way, I like you, too." She said.

I tightened my grip on her.



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