Lost, Dangerous, Not Alone

17 year old Jade was adopted as a newborn. Her parents raised her like a normal child, but she's far from normal. One day, her parents are kidnapped and she discovers her powers. She thinks she's a freak, but she meets 5 boys who like her. They take her in and they learn about her bit by bit, not knowing who she truly is. Jade feels lost and alone, but she has the boys. Not only does she not trust them, but she falls for one. She learns to trust the boys and they tell her a secret that they hid from everyone. One day, she goes insane and hurts the boys, losing their trust. One on the other hand, stays with her. He's not afraid of her. Jade becomes scared of herself as she slowly goes insane. Will she earn back the boys' trust? Will she be able to save her adoptive parents?


2. Runaway Part 1

I sat by my parents' truck in my favourite red plaid shirt and jean shorts. I strummed my guitar a few times. I started to strum a bit quicker and played my favourite song. I hummed 'Red Like Roses' (a song from RWBY) and started to sing quietly. I could sing, but I preferred to keep quiet. I fixed the straps on my boots and placed my guitar beside me. My horse came running from around the barn in a state of panic. I stepped in front of her. 

"Whoa, Rose. There's nothing to worry about." I said, placing my hand on her nose. She kicked back onto her hind legs and whinnied. I was knocked back onto my arse. I scrambled to my feet and took her rein. I tried to calm her, but think worked. "Mom! Dad! Rose won't calm down!" I called. They came running out. We all worked to calm her. Yes, I know I'm adopted, I've known for awhile, but I'm not upset about it, as long as I have a loving family, I'm happy. 

"Something must have really spooked her if she's this nervous." Mum said.

"She just ran around the barn like this!" I said. 

My dad and I held her still while my mum put her hand on Rose's nose. This only made it worse. Rose broke free, kicked back, and ran off. I ran after her. I called her name. I groaned. I caught up quickly and jumped onto her back. Don't ever try that when you're after a ran away horse, I took a risk. I slipped my feet into the holds and sat as well as I could in her saddle. I took her rein and tried to stop her. It took a minute, but she finally stopped. I pet the side of her head. I rode her back to the barn and hopped off. When I got back, my parents were gone.

"Mum!? Dad?!" I called out. No answer. A spotted a note.

Good luck getting your "parents" back. They're with me until I know who you really are. Your horse was just a distraction.

I fell to my knees. Who would do this?! I thought as tears ran down my face. 

"Excuse me, miss?" A voice asked from behind me. I turned to see a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Oh may, are you alright?"

"My adoptive parents were.... Killed when I tried to calm my horse..." I lied.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." 

"It's alright, it's not like you'd do it..." 

"Well, I guess this is a bad time, but my friends and I were looking for directions." 

"I'm sorry, I don't usually leave my yard. I find it better to stay around the house." 

"It's alright.... You know, if you need a place to stay, I can talk to my friends." 

"Well, if it's not too much of a bother." 

"Of course not! Come on, you can meet them. I'm Harry, by the way.." He reached out his hand to help me up. 

"I'm Jade." 

I followed him back to a van. 

"Boys, this is Jade. Her parents were killed when she tried to calm her horse." Harry said.

"I'm so sorry to hear that!" A blonde boy with blue eyes said. I got a weird feeling.

"Jade, this is Niall, Liam, Loui, and Zayn." Harry gestured to each of them by name.

"Hi..." I said.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Liam said. 

"Guys, she needs somewhere to stay." Harry said.

"Well, she can stay with us!" Niall said. 

"What about Rose and my cat, Daisy?" I asked.

"We've got the room." Loui said. 

"OK... I'll get my stuff and ride my horse down... I'll just follow behind." I said. They nodded. 

I ran off into my house. I'll be back one day... When I get my parents back... I'll save them if it means dying. I thought. I packed all my clothes, my laptop and phone. I ran my fingers along my wall and left. I picked up Ruby and I was on my way. I hopped on Rose and rode her to the boys. 

"Ready?" Harry asked. I gave a sad nod. 

"As ready as I can be." I replied. 

The boys didn't drive too quickly because I was on horse back and no one came down this way. Rose got tried quickly, because she had to gallop along side.  

"Hey Jade." Niall said. 
"Ya?" I asked. 

"What do you say we have a little race when we get to our house? I got a horse, too." 

"Oh, you're on! I've won gold in a lot of races against pros." 

"I think your horse and cat are about to fall asleep." 

"Oh, ya." 

We stopped. I tied Rose's rein to a post. I put Ruby on the suitcase and sat down with my guitar. I sat on a little fence that was kinda high. I stood up on it and paced carefully while playing 'From Shadows' (another RWBY song)

"Be careful." Zayn said. 
"I could walk along this for hours." I said.

"But you're not looking at where you're standing."

"I could play and walk with my eyes closed." I closed my eyes and continued what I was doing.

I opened my eyes again and the boys looked amazed. I jumped down and landed on my feet perfectly.
"Listen, I know what I'm doing." I muttered and sat against the fence. 

The boys looked at me. I shrugged. I played a small tone I've been working on. 

"You know, you're not half bad." Harry said. 

"Not half bad!? She's one of the best guitar players I've ever heard!" Niall said, winking at me.

I tensed up and got a strange feeling. 

"Well, lets get going!" I said and hopped on Rose.

The boys climbed into the car and we were off with a sleeping kitten in my lap.

*An Hour Or 2 Later*

"Here we are!" Harry said. I looked at the giant house to the left of me and my jaw dropped.

"I've never seen a house like that! I'm so used to my tiny house!" I said. The boys laughed. I hopped off Rose and they led me in the huge house. It was beautiful.

"This is beautiful!" I said. Niall mumbled something. I looked at him.

"Nothing." He said.

They showed me my new room and I loved it. Not a single trace of pink, but blue, purple, green, all my favourite colours and a fair sized closet. I hugged them all at once.

"Thank you!" I said.

"Jade, you're crushing our lungs." Zayn said, breathless. I let go.

"Sorry."smiled apologetically. They just smiled.

"What do you say we get to that race?" Niall said, nudging me.

"You're on, Horan." I said.

"Oh. So you know who we are?" Harry asked.

"Well DUH!" I said.

Niall led me to a small race track not far from the house. Rose kicked up and whinnied.

"Calm down, girl. We're just going to own Niall's sorry arse." I said.

"Sure you are. I can't be beat by a girl." He said. I shot him a death glare. I hopped on Rose and he hopped on this horse.

"Boy or girl?" I asked.

"Boy, Steam." He said. I nodded. We got to the start.

"First one around 6 times wins."

We shook on it. We counted down from 3 and we were off. On the third lap, Niall and I were side by side.

"Nice job, Horan. You're not bad, but good luck winning." I shouted over the noise and Rose moved faster. 6th lap and I won. Niall came to a slow stop beside me.

"Not bad. You're good, but I'll beat ya next time." He said. I rolled my eyes.

"Unlikely, but keep trying."

We hopped off our horses and put them in a stall. Ruby was sitting on a railing just at the gate. "Farm yard cat. She's learned." I muttered and scooped her up. I scratched her head as we walked back.

"So, how's school?" Niall asked.

"Never went to school. I was home schooled." I replied.

"Oh, then how was that?"

"Good I guess." He looked at me and I looked at him. Our eyes met and I looked away quickly. "Something wrong?"

"No, just light sensitive eyes."  

He nodded and we walked back. The sun was setting and the light caught my hair so you could see the reddish orange of my hair.

"Your hair is really nice." Niall said.


"If you're a ginger, do you have freckles?" 

"I have no idea. I never really look in a mirror."

"Let me see than."I turned to look at him and he studied my face.

"Yes, you do, they're quite noticeable." He said. I nodded and turned my head away.

"Do you sing?" He asked.

"Well, yes, but I prefer to be on my own when I do." I replied.

"You don't talk much, do you?"

"No, I don't. You like to ask questions, don't you?"  


He laughed. His laugh was nice. What is going through my mind?! I thought. We walked into the house and grabbed something to eat. We both got a banana and jelly sandwich.

"You like the BJ?" We asked at the same time.

"Hell yes!" We said again.

We laughed and took a bite. I fixed my shirt so it didn't ride up too much. He ruffled my hair.

"Hey!" I said.

I had to have hair over my right eye and he almost moved it. I fixed it.

"Oh, I see. You love your hair." He said.

"Actually, no. I could care less about it, I just like to keep my eye covered." I said. I took another bite of my sandwich.


"No reason, I just like it." That was a lie.

I had something to hide. We sat on the couch and I threw my feet up on the table. I chilled out.

"Well, someone knows how to feel at home." He said. I laughed.

"No duh." I said. He smiled. The boys came down the stairs.

"Hello! Who wants to watch a movie?" Zayn asked. Their hands shot up.

"Ya, sure." I said with a shrug.

"Jade, why don't you choose since you're our guest." Liam said. I thought.

"How 'bout Turbo?" I suggested.

They were all fine with that. Niall was in my right, Liam in my left, Zayn, Harry and Loui were sitting in chairs. Half way though the movie, I fell asleep.


 I woke up to soft breathing. I lifted my head and realized my head was on Niall's chest. I shot up and my hands covered my mouth. I looked at how peaceful he seemed, but he stirred. His face tensed up and he started talking in his sleep. I carefully stood up and looked at the time. Midnight. Explains why I was so tired. I was too tired to walk upstairs and the couch looked so comfy. I sat down again and fell asleep. 

*The Next Day*

I awoke to laughter downstairs and I was in my new bed. I sat up in confusion. I yawned and rubbed my left eye. My hair still covered my right eye. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen where the boys were.

"Well, good morning." Niall said.

"Morning, Horan." I said. I heard a noise coming from the stables. We all stopped to listen. "Shit." I breathed.

I ran up to my room and grabbed my hand gun. I hurried down the stairs and to the stables, followed by the boys. A few wolves were trying to get at the horses.

"God damn it. Always wolves." I said. I raised my hand gun and took a aimless shot at the wolves, hitting one.

"Whoa, you have a gun? Is that even legal?" Liam asked.

"I've got a licence."

I took one more shot and the wolves ran off.

"We need to take them closer to the house or they're screwed." I said. I calmed them down and hopped on Roses back.

"No one run or as for Niall and I, go too fast." I said. They nodded and we set towards the house.

"Wait, so a 17 year old has a licence to use a gun?" Loui asked.

"Yup." I replied. I looked behind us quickly.

"Niall, boys, keep your horse calm." I said.

I aimed behind me cuz we were being followed by wolves. I took a shot and Rose freaked. She kicked back and I pulled her rein. The wolves ran off once again.

"We have to find a safe place to keep these guys or fence off the property." I said.

"We'll get on that, but for now they can stay in the shed." Liam said. I nodded and we put them in, locking the door.

The 6 of us hurried in the house. I started mumbling about wolves.

"So freaking cute but so annoying." I said.

*15 Minutes Later*

The boys were arguing. I don't know about what, but I couldn't stand when people argued, it messed me up. I shut my eyes and covered my ears. I could still hear them.

"Stop!" I shouted and pushed my hands to the floor.

I felt air push past me upward and I opened my eyes. The boys had their eyes glued to me. I looked at my hands and at the things that fell.

"H... How....?!" I started.

"She..." Liam trailed off.

I was scared. What did I just do?! I thought. I was seriously scared.

"What the hell did I just do?!" I asked in fear. The boys stepped back.

"No idea." Liam said as if he knew something.

"Liam." I said sternly.

"Really, I don't know..." He said.

A couple tears ran down my face.

"Jade, please don't cry." Niall said.

"What do you want me to do!? Stay calm when I'm scared as hell?!" I half yelled. "And for fuck sake! I can tell you people don't want me here cuz you took a step back, so how about I leave and make your lives better without me." I said and turned.

"Jade, no, please." Niall said. He stepped into the doorway and spread out his arms.

"You're not leaving." He said.

"Why not?" I asked still a bit angry.

"Because I want you to stay. I've never met someone who understands me so well." He said and hugged me. I was afraid to move my hands, I didn't want to hurt him.

"I don't care if you guys don't want her to stay, but I want her to, so she is." Niall said to the boys. I hugged him, hoping that nothing would happen. He just kept hugging me.

"Niall, you're hurting me." I said. He let go.

"Sorry." He said. "It's OK." I said with a laugh. He laughed a bit, too.

"You wanna go for a short little ride?" Niall asked. I nodded. We headed out of the house, leaving the boys.

"Do you really want me to stay?" I asked. 

"Yes, why wouldn't I?" He replied. We hopped on our horses and went to a small cliff, looking over the forest.

"This is a nice view."

"Not as nice as my view." He spoke with a smile, looking at me.

I playfully pushed him and smiled. He laughed a bit.

"Race you back home!" He said.

"Go!" I shouted and we were off. I was ahead by far. Rose and I knew what we were doing. We got back to the house with Niall right on my arse.

"I swear to god, I'll beat you one day." He said. I laughed mockingly.

"Come on, I know a good quiet place that the boys don't know about." He said. I nodded and followed close behind him. We had to go through the forest. 


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