Lost, Dangerous, Not Alone

17 year old Jade was adopted as a newborn. Her parents raised her like a normal child, but she's far from normal. One day, her parents are kidnapped and she discovers her powers. She thinks she's a freak, but she meets 5 boys who like her. They take her in and they learn about her bit by bit, not knowing who she truly is. Jade feels lost and alone, but she has the boys. Not only does she not trust them, but she falls for one. She learns to trust the boys and they tell her a secret that they hid from everyone. One day, she goes insane and hurts the boys, losing their trust. One on the other hand, stays with her. He's not afraid of her. Jade becomes scared of herself as she slowly goes insane. Will she earn back the boys' trust? Will she be able to save her adoptive parents?


4. Author's Note

Hey, sorry. I'll update really soon, I just have a project that's due soon, so I have to do it. Super sorry! Bye!

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