Perhaps We Can

What makes someone fall in love with you? Jade learns that the 3rd times the charm, with her old friend Ryan. Two nerds, socially awkward, they fight for their love on the battlefield. When people are ment to be together, they will always find a way back to eachother♡♥


1. when I saw him

"Ryan... Ryan please..."

Jade wept outloud on the floor of her hard stone cell. It was cold and dark, and especially alone. No one was there to comfort her this time, there was no prince to save her. Her Ryan was out fighting for her life on the battlefield against the King. King Dominic of the Garendale Kingdom. The king that locked Jade away to torture the young Ryan. To use her to his advantage: it was so very cruel. 


Her hand that was shaking against the bars as she grabbed it for dear life began to bleed harder than it ever had before. She was beaten, bruised, but none of it could stop her. She fought on. She was never going to stop fighting.

Fighting for the love that she had. That they had.

She let her hand fall back down to her side as she cried aloud again. She may never see her Ryan again. 

She leaned over to the otherside of the cell where she was locked and threw up. Again. It seemed like everything was coming out of her and it became more gruesome to deal with. She had been in the cell for 2 weeks with no one in sight except for the one silent guard that brought her her unfull meal. She hadnt been well, and had been for what seemed a good while. Not just because of the cell she sat in.


Footsteps approached her loudly. She sat up quickly and grabbed on to the blistery balls again. The guard brought her bread and water. Placed it down and slid it under her door.

"Please," jade whispered toward him. "You can't keep me in here like this."

The silent guard stood back up and then stared at her threw his armored mask. She let out small breathes wondering what the silent guard could be thinking. But without any other movement,  he turned around to stroll off.

"No! Please! Please you have to let me go! I cant be in here any longer!" She cried outloud. "Please!" She began to shake the cell barred walls to make noise. "Let me go! I... I think I'm pregnant!"

The silent guard stoppes walking.

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