Sea Spray

*For the Who Framed Klaris Cliff competition*
Short story- enjoy !!!


1. My House

The wind whines in my ears, freezing cold and sorrowful as a child’s scream. My eyes blink rapidly for the sea spray that licks the cliffs up to where I’m standing. The waves down in the turbulent ocean below battle fiercely against the rocks and sand, constantly dropping in and out of power on the beach.

Behind me sits my house, its lone shadow falling over the cliff edge, dancing in the evening sunlight. I turn around and walk back to it, my khaki wellington boots squelching in the mud all around me. Living here, atop Farrell Cliff can be lonely. But I don't need anyone. I came here to find peace and peace is what I've found.

I pull on the latch and the storm-proof door whips open, the wind forcing it to stay stuck out. Sighing, I step inside and slam it shut, easily overcoming the gale. The living room greets me, the fire I lit earlier still smiling at me from the grate and my armchair waving me over. This is why I love it so much up here: there's always something to cheer you up, be it the breathtaking sunsets, or the taste of the salt in my mouth. 

Trudging slowly into the kitchen, I muddle about with the kettle and teabags until I have concocted some sort of hot beverage that slightly resembles a good brew. I've never been one for cooking, not even making drinks. Up here, I just make the simplest of meals, with ingredients I buy weekly from the village eight miles away. I have a friend there. Her name's Maria, but I don't know much else. The thing I love about her is the way she always says:

"Oh, 'ello there Tristan! Here for your groc'ries?" She's twenty-two - just two years younger than myself, with a face you'd recognise anywhere. Her hair is a bright strawberry-blonde, but she has amazing lime-green eyes, flecked with delicate spots of silver and chestnut. On top of that, she's the only person my age. I won't deny it; I kinda like her. But not much, just a little crush. I don't do love.

 It may seem strange, a twenty-four year-old living in seclusion for the world at the top of a cliff. But if you knew my'd understand why peace was all I wanted, why a way to disappear was everything I thought about. If you knew my family, you would wish you didn't.



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