Sea Spray

*For the Who Framed Klaris Cliff competition*
Short story- enjoy !!!


3. A Voice

I watch Maria as she falls asleep, her reddish-blonde hair shining in the firelight. She is very pretty. Very pretty. The clock ticks gently, lulling my senses and drowning me in a wave of endless fatigue. I jerk awake again just before nodding off completely and head back to my bedroom. 

Once in bed, my thoughts tumble about inside of my mind, tripping over each other, stumbling around. But suddenly, one clear, strong voice burns through:

Tristan. Hello. It's your best friend here. Just thought I'd say that I think I'm gonna stick around with you for a little while longer. That alright?

I almost shout in terror, but my mouth slams shut. 

Whowhatwherehowwhygetoutofmyheadnow! My mind shouts back, jumbling up the words.

Oh do calm down! You know who I am! I'm the guy you left behind. You remember? You're little, ickle-wickle baby-wabey brother. The one who bullied you, or so you say. The one who got you in Father's bad books, or so you say. The one who told the whole school all your secrets, hmm? Or so you say.  My entire body stiffens.

How is this...? I trail off, my heart stuttering next to my lungs.

Possible? Hah. You are just too stupid, Tristan. I hear a laugh. 

 You're in my away, please! I start to sob, not even embarrassed to cry at my younger sibling.

Seriously? Are you kidding me? Tristan, crying at Mark? Someone, get me a video camera! But anyway, I'm not here to listen to you snivel. It's like Mark is in the room, talking, but he's not. I can feel him in my head, tapping his fingers and shuffling about. 

But...what are you here for then? I say back.

Oh, nothing that would mean anything to you. Don't worry, sweetie! And I stiffen at his quote from my mother. She'd always say that to me, even if she didn't mean it. Now, here's Mark, repeating it inside my head. 

But...why me? Why come and haun-

Haunt you? He sniggers, I'm not a freaking ghost! No, ghosts just scare people. I do a lot worse, believe me. And by that I mean, I'm here to kill you Tristan. But the problem really can't stop me...

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