How my life changes

This is the story of Jessica Maier and her life changed after she moved to Canada for School. Jessica wasnt a believer she was a directionair , but will things change because she met one Person she never tough she would meet. Find out about Jessicas live in Canada and how her live changes.

(P.S. Sorry for the bad writing.)


1. Somethings about myself

Hi Im Jessica Victoria Maier and Im 17 years old. Im from a small boring little village in Switzerland. I have long curly brown hair and brown eyes. Im not the popular kind of girl, I get called names every day because the boys in school think Im not pretty. I dont really listen to them eventough i get selfcounsius sometimes. My friends and I laugh a lot, but like every other girls we fight and have our differences. I love to listen to music I mostly listen to One Direction songs, because im a directionair but sometimes i listen to the charts i even have a few Justin Bieber songs on my Ipod. I love to speak English which is one of the reasons Im moving to Canada because I want to get better in English. Now your probably asking yourself why Canada when England would be so much closer. I really dont konw the answer why Canada maby because its big and the weather isnt much different or because i can learn both languages better French and English. Anyway the family im going to life with has a son whos the same age as me his name is Rayn I've skiped with him a few times and he's a really nice guy, same with my hostmother Cathrine and my hostfather Robert. Im so exited to finally meet them but Im a Little bit worried to

I mean im 17 years old and I will by away from my family and friend for a whole year, thank god for the Internet so we can still stay in contact. But enough about me lets start this story.

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