How my life changes

This is the story of Jessica Maier and her life changed after she moved to Canada for School. Jessica wasnt a believer she was a directionair , but will things change because she met one Person she never tough she would meet. Find out about Jessicas live in Canada and how her live changes.

(P.S. Sorry for the bad writing.)


4. chapter 03


(the next day)

Ryan's P.O.V. :

They boys and I were all sitting on the couch playing XBOX, everybody was yelling around and concentrating on the game. After a few minutes I heard foots coming down the stairs and looked up, there coming into the room was a sleeping Jess dressed in black Chachis and a shirt. "Morning boys" she said walking into the livingroom, shortly after she said that all heads turnd from the screen to Jess and everybody said Morning exept for Justin who just looked at her and coudn't speak. I nugged him in the arm and he looked down blushing and said " Good morning".  

"So did you guys eat?" she asked. We all noded exept for Justin because he said to us earlyer that he wants to wait for Jee to get up. "Well I didn't eat because I didn't want you to eat alone" Justin said and got up to Jess and told her to follow him into the kitchen. " Man he got a really big crush on her." said Fredo laughing as they both left the room.


Jess's P.O.V. : 

As Justin and I walked into the kitchen he asked me what I wanted to eat. "Well I don't know, I think I can't eat a chocolate youghurt like I did back home everyday." I shyly said to him. Like everybody I love chocolate and because we have the best chocolate of the world in Switzerland I eat chocolate everyday but that has to stop know. "Realy you eat a youghurt for Breakfast thats all? Girl you really need to eat more, I would die if I only would eat that for breakfast." he said laughing and continued " So how about I take you out to IHop to eat some waffles?" he asked me. "Sound good to me. Let me just get dressed and ready to go." i said. I was about to go up to change into normal cloths as Justin threw me over his shoulder and walked to the door. " No need to het changes Beautiful you look amazing in this sweats, just grab your shoes and we will go." he said putting me down infront of the door. I put on my shoes and grabed a hoodie I think its Ryans but im not really sure, anyway i toke it and we went out the door after Justin put on his Hoodie and sunglasses. As we got to his car he opend the door for me and i thanked him as I got in. Shortly after Justin got in the car to and off we went to eat some waffles.....



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