How my life changes

This is the story of Jessica Maier and her life changed after she moved to Canada for School. Jessica wasnt a believer she was a directionair , but will things change because she met one Person she never tough she would meet. Find out about Jessicas live in Canada and how her live changes.

(P.S. Sorry for the bad writing.)


3. chapter 02

10 hours later....

jessicas P.O.V

i got out of the plain and was really tired. after i got my luggage i went to the place were family and friends wait for there lovedones to come home. when i got there i saw this huge sigen with my name on it i laughed and went to the crazy people i will call my family for the next 12 months.

"hey sista how was your flight?" asked my crazy 17 year old hostbrother Ryan. " hey brotha. it was okay, wheres your crazy friend chaz?" i asked him. Chaz was Ryans friend they are like brothers to each other, I had met him a few times when I skyped with Ryan and everytime he asked if I had a boyfriend, to be honest I think he has a crush on me. "well your little 'boyfriend' was scared to met you and stayed home so when we go home you will probably see him stuffing his face with chips." Yeah i also learnd that chaz eats a lot. 

we got in the car and headed home only two hours and i will be home.


while driving Ryan told me alot about school, his friends and other stuff i needed to know. Like the fact that i will atend a danceclass full of boys because i am the only girl who wants tomlearn breakdance and hip hop so like i like to call it i will atend the streetdanceclass at my school, because every student at my new school Stradford High had to take a creativclass so i love to dance and danced hip hop for three years so it wasnt a big question for me to chose danceclass and i didnt mind to be the only girl. because after what Ryan told me the bestlooking Boys at the school were in this class so im really exited." hey em sis when we get home please dont freak out but my friendJustin is here so yeah.." he said nervous. i laughed " ry dont you remember im not a belieber or a hater its just that i prefer one direction but dont worry i will be nice if he is nice   and as i asume he will live at the house so i have to get along with him." "yep but dont worry you will like him he already likes you because chaz never shuts up about you." i reased a eyebrow " chaz never shuts up about you comon Ryan we both know not only Chaz never shuts up about me." after i said that he turnd bright pink. i knew how proud he was that im his sister because he always tells me how he told his friends about me and how they all want to meet me, so i knew he was proud about it. 


after the two hour drove we finally pulled up to the driveway. we got out and went in the first thing i heard were two voices yelling at each other. cathrine and robert look at each other and laugh they tell us they will go out for the weekend and that they are sorry to leave me alone so early but they thougt it would be for the best and i told them its okay and to have fun and they left. Ryan showed me to the livingroom and shure enough there were sitting two boys pne looked a little older than me. Ryan stode beside me and cleard his throat both boys looked up and frohe. i shyly waved at them and told them im Jess. Chaz slowly stode up and gavw me a hug and said " hey Jess im chaz. nice to finally meet you in person and not only see your beautiful face on the computerscreen." i chuckeld and thanked him. Ryan nudged me and told me to sit down and he went to the kitchen. i got ready to sit on the couch but chaz pulled me onto his lap. i got an idea. i turnd around and gave chaz a kiss on ghe cheek and turnd to the other boy. he was kinda hot but he looked like the type of boy you keep as an overprotectiv friend. he turn to me and said " Hi im Alfredo but people call me Fredo, im here with justin." "oh nive to meet you im jess but i think you already heard that." he chuckeld and inheard footsteps coming into the room. i turnd around and saw a boy come into the room his head hung low and his hand broushed trough his hair he looked up and froze in his spot. the boys looked to the door and started laughing. he walked up to me and stuterd " H-hi i-i-i-i am j-just-in n-nice t-to m-me-et y-you." and smiled shyly. with the stutering he only caused the boys to laugh louder fredo behind me said " wow Jess i never heard The Justin Drew Bieber stutter in my whole live" " well fredo it might me because we only know for a few years." justin said. i got up and walked to him he froze again in his spot, i huged im and told him it was nice to meet him. when i looked up i saw him blushing it got even deeper when he said " N-nice t-to meet y-ou to j-jess" the boys laughed and he blushed even deeper. chaz was the first one to pick one Justin because of the stuttering " Hey d-dude w-whats w-wrong, man you need to learn how to speak if you talk to girls like this they will start making fun of you." all boys begun to laugh i turnd to look at Justin and said " well i think its cute when he stutters, I mean i think he still can be the player and come with things like 'hey sexy i lost my phonenumber can i get yours' so i prefer stuttering" i smiled at himthe boys all 'awwwwed' at us and Ryan came in with beer and snacks he looked from me and Justin who are both blushing to Chaz and Fredo he opend his mouth and shouted "ha i told you they would be a cute couple and like each other. we all set down on the couch and the boys and I watched a movie after the movie i told the that i would go to sleep because i was tired after the flight. they all said bye to me and i got up and went to bed. i toke a deep breath and closed my eyes and after that everything got black. 

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