How my life changes

This is the story of Jessica Maier and her life changed after she moved to Canada for School. Jessica wasnt a believer she was a directionair , but will things change because she met one Person she never tough she would meet. Find out about Jessicas live in Canada and how her live changes.

(P.S. Sorry for the bad writing.)


2. Chapter 01

 Jessicas P.O.V:

In the begining.....

I woke up to the sweet voice of Jason Derulo coming from my Alarm on my smartphone. Today was the day, today i had to say goodbye to my familiy and friends for a whole year. Slowly i got up and went to my bathroom to take a shower after i finished my shower I went back in to my room. I changed into some black sweatpants and a white v-neck shirt and some black sneakers. I put my Smartphone, Ipod, headphones and two books in to my bag, then i went downstairs where i got greated by my mom, my dad and my sister to eat my last breakfast with my family.

Nicole (sister):So little sis are you exited to move to Canada?

Me: Yeah totally but also really nervous I mean I will be alone for a whole year.

Mom: Sweety you wont be alone you will have Rayn and your new friends, but remember to skyp us every day or a few times a week.

Me: Ok mom i will dont worry.

Dad: Ladys we have to go your plane leavs in 2 hours and we already need 30 minutes to the Airport.


1 hour and 45 minutes later

After i said by to my family i got to my gate and waited for my plane to board.

Flightatendant: Flight 745 is now Boarding i repeat flight 745 to Toronto Canada is now Boarding!

I got up and handed the flightatendant my ticket, after that i went to find my seat and got comfortable for my 10 hour flight.

While listening to music i slowly begun to drift into dreamland. Only 10 hours to go....




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