Why I can't live without you

I am the empress of all the lands known to my mind, I am the supreme ruler of all I survey and the lands beyond my sight, But I can't live without you, I can't live without Amelia Wright.


3. Si-ki-at-wrist?

Things were perfect between Me and Porthos, we were perfect, it didn't matter that there was no longer any Imaginariums, we had each other and that was fine, but then Life got my Fallen, and it all fell down.

"But Mother!"

"NO! You can't make me!"

"PORTHOS! Help!"


After shouting and calling for Porthos, I was finally buckled in the Life Driver, the thing that the Fallen use to get from one Life-Place to another, and took me to the Imaginairi-Sucker the... er... Si-ki-at-wrist that person who fills your head full of Life-Stuff and Sucks away your Imaginairi, when they took me to see It, I was uncooperative, I spilled no secrets, Porthos would have been proud if she was here, There she was! Chasing my shadow, so that she wouldn't be spotted by the Fallen or the Life-Suckers, she's always careful when she leaves Imaginairia, In case any Life gets in through the doorway she uses to get out of Imaginairia.

Eventually we left the Life-Sucker and returned home, but then My Fallen said something which scared me, we were going again. And again, until he Sucked the Imaginairi out of me, as I looked at Porthos, we both gulped, this was not going to be easy, and Imaginairia may not survive. 

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