Why I can't live without you

I am the empress of all the lands known to my mind, I am the supreme ruler of all I survey and the lands beyond my sight, But I can't live without you, I can't live without Amelia Wright.


2. Porthos

Attention! Back Straight Soldier! YES I AM TALKING TO YOU! My name is Porthos Wright, However, You Trainees are to call me Captain Wright! I am the Sole Survivor of the Life Invasion, for a good reason! I stayed in top Imagine form! Whenever Empress entered Imaginairia, I was always the first to her, I was always the first to greet her, the first to ask what games we should play, if any at all! I was the head of the Resistance against Life, when one of our soldiers fell under its influence, I knew that that was one comrade, we just couldn't replace, in the end, I was the last one standing, I felt cheated, I was the first, others deserved a chance, some were barely there, Life was taking over, it was taking over fast, so, when Summer arrived and Life returned to its dismal hidey hole, I strengthened the wall between Imaginairia and the Life infestation, with every time she asked what games we should play, or when she arrived back into Imaginairia, the wall strengthened, she tried to bring about new people, someone for me to play with, but she couldn't, Life had taken her Imaginairi stores and burned them, so I would be alone for a short while, until Life had receded and was destroyed, I could still see the shine of Imaginairi in her eyes, yes! Imaginairia wasn't lost yet!

So in the end, Me and Empress Natalia settled into a routine, while she was in the Life, I would fight and keep Imaginairia from getting harmed anymore, then when Summer came, we would strengthen the wall and keep each other strong.

I already lost the Imaginariums

I won't lose her

But then Life got sneaky

And it's all downhill from there

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