Why I can't live without you

I am the empress of all the lands known to my mind, I am the supreme ruler of all I survey and the lands beyond my sight, But I can't live without you, I can't live without Amelia Wright.


1. Imaginaria

I am the Supreme Ruler of all I Survey, I am the Ultimate Leader of My People, the Imaginairiums, I am Natalia Southall, The Empress of Imaginaria.

Now, most people only have one imaginairy friend, but if you don't play with it, then without others it gets lonely, so I made others, eventually there was a whole empire of Imaginairiums! It was amazing! It's full of colours I haven't even seen, patterns not even the best copycat in the world could remake! It was so beautiful and perfect...

But then Life got Jealous

When Life gets Jealous

It's not pretty.

In the end, after life was finished with tearing up Imaginaria, all I had left was one friend, my first ever Imaginairium, She was my friend before there was an Imaginiairia, she was the only one that survived the Invasion of Life, she was my first, my one, my only:

Porthos Wright

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