Why I can't live without you

I am the empress of all the lands known to my mind, I am the supreme ruler of all I survey and the lands beyond my sight, But I can't live without you, I can't live without Amelia Wright.


5. I Do.

The appointments with the Imaginairi-Sucker continued, but with Porthos at my side, anything was possible, but then it all went wrong.

My Fallen came into the room where I temporarily stay in (My true room is in Imaginairia!) and said that I would have to stop with "This Invisible Nonsense" They tried to say that Life is a good thing, but I refused to listen, Life may have My Fallen, but it won't have me! So, I drew a breath and screamed the Wail of a Thousand Chalk Nails. It was enough for My Fallen to leave after a while. I tried to call Porthos, but she blocked me off, there must've been a Breach, which, while nothing new, were dangerous, so I sat and Imagined stronger walls around Imaginairia, it must've worked for Porthos came back to me. However, instead of feeling joy, I felt only sadness.

Porthos saw my teary face, came over and hugged me, dried my tears and then I blurted out what my parents said, she wasn't happy, but then she asked why I was crying, it wasn't the first time My Fallen had said so, so why be sad now? I answered with this.

"Because I'm scared, the walls are becoming weaker, Life has gotten stronger, I don't want you to fade away. I want to stay with you! In Imaginairia! I don't want to live in here anymore! Can I?" I left the question unasked, for we both knew what it was I wanted. I wanted to leave this Life-ran world and stay in Imaginairia, forever. I had almost done it before, I was so close, but then the Healers pulled me back, I wasn't happy, but they mistook my tears of rage and sadness for joy.

Porthos looked at me, directly in my eyes, and asked me; "Do you truly wish this? I cannot be certain it'll work. And if it does, you can never return. Are you sure?" I then dismissed any doubt I had to the back of my mind and firmly answered "Yes I am perfectly sure that I want to got through with this."

With a nod, Porthos gently took hold of my chin and tilted it backwards. Then she drew her switchblade, with a hiss of pain, I knew the deed was done, I felt my legs go numb, to which Porthos laid me down, then she smiled and when my vision started to blur and become a white mess, I heard through the noise of life recognising defeat and retreating, a voice, just within my hearing range; Four words from my trusted friend, captain and subject;

"See You There Empress"  

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