Why I can't live without you

I am the empress of all the lands known to my mind, I am the supreme ruler of all I survey and the lands beyond my sight, But I can't live without you, I can't live without Amelia Wright.


4. How DARE THEY!?

How could they do that? How dare they try and tempt My Fair Empress, whom I would gladly die for, into Life's hands!? Stupid Fallen, but they're a lost cause. They have had their minds to full of Life for even the most daring of Imaginariums to go in their Head Space, With Good reason! Anyway, Her Fallen have taken Natalia out to see the Imaginairi-Sucker, She called out for me, but I can't do anything, it is a core principle to Do No Harm! So, instead I chased her Shadow, I followed it, keeping out of sight and sticking to the darkness, then, when I finally reached her, she was already with the Sucker, but she was being completely uncooperative! Just as I taught her! I was so proud, then, when we left and returned home, Her Fallen mentioned something which made my blood run cold, My Empress was going to see, him, again and again, until he sucked the Imaginairi out of her, and me and Imaginairia were no more than a simple memory.

We turned to look at each other, and we both gulped, This was bad, this was something, not even I or Imaginairia might be able to survive.

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