Keep Quiet

"Just talk to me." All he does is ignore me and walk away. "Harry please!!!" "HAR-AHHHHH" BOOM a sharp pain and I black out.

Harry: "W-what did I do?"


4. The Nightmare

Celest P.O.V:

I was tired so I wasn't going to go to Allison's house I just dropped her off and went home. When I got home I found a note on the counter.

' Dear Celest,

I'm sorry I had to leave so fast but it was short notice. I'm going on a business trip again for 6 months. Yes I know that's not fair you are mad and sad and I am too, but if I want to keep my job to keep putting food on the table for you and I then I have to go on this trip. I left A LOT of money in the cubby down the hall that leads to the laundry room. Now why did I leave it there...I...don't...know. I will miss you so so much and I love you my angel.

-Love Mom'

Tears came down my eyes. Mom was always gone but I knew that it was for the best for the both of us. I hear a knock on the door and it's my buddie Lou.

"Hey Cel- Have you been crying?" He asked worriedly. I give him the note and starts to read and understands why I'm crying.

"Well at least you have the house to yourself." He says.

"But I don't want to be alone tonight." I complained.

"Do you want me to stay with you and spend the night?"

"Please Lou."

"Alright let me get some clothes. I'll be back ok." He left. Then there I was sitting on the couch in tears just crying and crying. Next thing you know I cried myself to sleep.

Louis P.O.V:

This always happens with Celest. She ends up being by herself when her mom is on those business trips and then one of us, the guys or Allison, would end up spending the night. I pull up my drive way and parked my car. I go in my house into my room and get me some clothes. I also bring my school stuff since tomorrow is Friday and for sure I'm glad about that. I begin to walk out the door but then I had remember I have a football (soccer) game tomorrow so I do need to be prepared for that. As soon as I'm half way up stairs I remembered I left my stuff in my gym locker. Wow Louis you have a bad case of short term memory loss. I walk back down stairs and go to my car. I put everything in the car from my clothes to spend the night to my school things.

When I get back to Celest house, I hear screaming I rush inside and open the door it's her screaming but no one is hurting her. I run to her and I hold her in my lap.

"Celest! Celest! It's just a nightmare!" I tell her. She wakes up and hits my face.

"Oh my-Lou I am so sorry I didn't mean to. It was an accident."

"It's alright. If you don't mind me asking what was that nightmare about?"

"Well it's this same nightmare from when I was 13. It's this figure chasing me telling me to come back with him and he starts shooting at me but the thing is, I don't know who the figure is I just know that it's a man. I run as fast as I can but the yelling and shooting from him seems to never end." A tear starts to run down her cheek.

"Celest it's ok you have me here with you and nothing will happen ok."I grabbed her and sat her back on my lap and she closes her eyes. She looks so peaceful. I keep her in my arms and carry her bridal-style to her room. I put her on her bed and under the covers. I start to walk out the bedroom to go sleep on the couch.

"WAIT! Louis?"


"Stay with me...please?" She asks shyly. I nod my head yes and get under the covers with her. She then falls back to sleep. I pull her close to my body and I see a smile on her face.

"Thank you Lou." She says. I kiss her forehead and tell her goodnight and then I myself fell asleep.

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