Keep Quiet

"Just talk to me." All he does is ignore me and walk away. "Harry please!!!" "HAR-AHHHHH" BOOM a sharp pain and I black out.

Harry: "W-what did I do?"


8. Her Arm...

Allison's P.O.V:

It's been 3 weeks since the accident and we all can't still believe that Celest is in a coma. We are all still sad but we are not as sad as we were on the first day she was put into the hospital. We each go see her everyday not one of us missed a day to see her. Harry is kinda still taking it hard on himself but we keep telling him that it was all a mistake. Right now we are all in her room. Liam is sitting on the left side of me and Niall on the right side. Zayn and Louis are talking to Celest. Harry is sitting by the window "thinking", well that's what he said he is doing. Harry has been awful quiet towards us and none of us are understanding him. He won't even talk to Louis and that's his best friend.

"Allison do you think she will awaken soon?" A puffy eyed Niall said.

"Yes Niall I do think she will wake up soon. You just have to wait."

"But soon can be a long time AllyBearr. Soon can mean in one more week or even one more month." He said back with a more sad voice

"Just hope that soon won't be forever." Liam spoke.

"Yeah Niall hope that soon won't be forever. Keep faith. When you speak to Celest, don't sound sad. Let her hear you sound happy. You know Celest doesn't like her 'Honey BooBoo' sad or even the rest of us." I said to him and he smiled and nodded his head. And from there all you could hear was little chatting and everybody else stayed quiet. Until some one spoke up...

"Her arm." Harry said very serious.

Louis' P.O.V:

Me and Zayn were talking about Modern Family because the three of us, the third is Celest, love that show. Celest had missed out on a couple of episodes so we decided to record them and not tell her about it till she wakes up but someone has a blabber mouth...Zayn!!!! Can't believe he didn't stop me on time from telling her. We kept minding our business but then a voice spoke up.

"Her arm." Harry said very serious.

"Yeah it's in a purple cast what about it." I said.

"Not her right arm...the left one."

"Well what about it Harry?" Zayn asked.

"It moved." Harry said back being so focused on Celest.

"Harry her arm didn't" Liam said getting cut off.

"I know what I saw and what I saw was real. Her left arm moved." Harry said very very serious. Then his eyes became even bigger.

"Haz what's wrong?" I asked. He didn't speak.

"Harry what is it mate?" Liam asked him more worried than I.

"S-she she's a-awake." He pointed at her.

"Harry it's very rude to point and she is not awake." I said. I fled a hand touch my shoulder and everybody stared at me.



Cliff Hanger Haha cx Hey You Guys Let Me Know What You Think About The Story So Far && Thank You For Liking This FanFiction As Well It Means A Lot To Me And It Lets Me Know To Keep Writing. Love You Guys!!! <3 c':

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