Man With a Gun

Sara Brookman lives with her mom now that her Dad left them, but she's just like any other girl. When she heard One Direction's music, she couldn't help but to fall in love, like millions of fans. After she wins backstage passes she's ecstatic. But her feelings suddenly change to the opposite when she meets them and sees a mad man pointing a gun towards Harry.
How will Sara somehow stand out to save the innocent lives?
Sara puts all her trust in fate to guide her growing relationship with Harry, but can that be enough.

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8. 8. Want Some Water?

"Harry?" my words shaking. "How do you know?!"

"We passed a dead end sign about 3 minutes back."

"Ohh..." I put my head down and laughed in humiliation. "Are you mad at me? I just..."

"Sara," He interrupted, "Get out of the car."

"What?" I heard him just fine but I wanted him to hear himself again to make sure he knew what he was doing.

"Sara, get out of the car." He repeated. Oh god, was he going to drive away and leave me to walk home. I did as he told me to. Slowly I stepped out, stood up and closed the door behind me. To my surprise, Harry turned the key which stopped the engine and got out as well. Okay, now I was confused, I needed an explanation but his face was just a smile the whole time. If he had looked angry I wouldn't have gotten out of the car, so what was making his smile?

He made his way over to me and took my hand. I just stared at him blankly when he tried pulling me to walk. "Walk with me, love." So I started walking still waiting for him to talk.

I think Harry felt my lack of patience because he started, "The dead end sign wasn't the only thing. I knew you didn't live here because I used to come here all the time when I was little." He looked around, up at the trees and down at the flowers, then I saw why he was smiling his cute half smirk. "This pathway is exactly where I would walk along if I was stressed or just needed to get away from the world. Just listen." I did and all I could hear were the birds singing and the breeze whistling through the leaves.

"Wow Harry, it's so peaceful. If I had this near me I would walk here everyday. This atmosphere just..."

"...clears your head." He finished my thought. "Yeah, it has that effect doesn't it? No paparazzi, no screaming girls, just me and my thoughts." He explained.

"What kind of things were you stressed about that made you find this place?" I asked, being truly interested in his response.

"Anything, school, friends, parents, just anything that I didn't want to think about. And the fact that you drove here on accident is incredible. It's like you knew about this road."

"Harry, I had no idea... "

We walked a long time just taking in the beautiful scenic path and then I blurted out, "So you said you have many memories here, right?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Yeah, I do." I got him to look at me and I bit my lip sub-consciously. "Do you want to make more memories? Here, now?" He suddenly looked over at me, then a grin grew on his face. "Let's make lots of memories." He said then pushed me against a tree to lean on. The more we kissed the more we couldn't pull away from each other. My hair became entangled in the bark but I didn't care. But my internal clock clicked on and I stopped. Harry then leaned back and looked confused. "What's wrong?" I think I'm just a little bit late, but it's okay." Then I couldn't resist, his lips were right there so I closed my eyes and kissed them but he didn't kiss back so I looked at him. "Sara look at the time." I pulled out my phone and it was well passed 9:00. I don't know which took up more time: the walking or the kissing? "Oh my goodness! My mum's gonna murder me! I told her I'd be home by 9:00!" As I muttered curse words under my breathe that I refused to say out loud, Harry grabbed my hand and started running for the car.

We were looking through only the beams of moonlight now that shined through the tree toos. We were definitely at least 5 miles away. I did track in high school so I knew how to pace myself but Harry was just full out Olympic sprinting. "Don't run so fast, you'll run out of breathe!" But he didn't slow, "Your mum's going to kill me! Sara, I'm sorry." "No she's going to kill me, not you." "Well that doesn't make me feel much better!" "I know, but there's no use in wasting our energy. We are miles away!" After I saw that he wasn't changing speed, I decided to show off my years of what track did to me. I ran full speed ahead of him and didn't look back.

"Hey! Wait up!" He yelled. After a minute of this, I slowed down to a stop and he did, too. We were both panting with our hands on our knees. "Next time, (panting) you should, (panting) listen to me!" I could only get out words before feeling breathless again. Harry agreed to start walking again. Then he said, "You tell your mum that this was my fault, okay? I made you walk this far." "No Harry, it's my fault, I'm the one that decided to drive us here. This is on me, not you." "Then we better start running again!" I guessed he was right, didn't want to be more late than I already was. During our sprint he said, "Sara, do you have any water? I haven't had anything to drink since this morning." "My water bottle is in the car, sorry!" Then my common sense came to me and I shouted, "Harry, stop." He did and we were at a walking pace now. "Harry, I have concussion, you are dehydrated, and were both out of breathe! It's no use running. I'm already late, a couple more minutes by walking doesn't matter to me." If it meant more time with Harry, then it was worth it. "But your mum..." Harry mentioned. "But I'll tell my mum that my Doctor held me late and my phone died." "Are you sure you can lie? You didn't seem so experienced when you were giving me directions to your house." I gave Harry a friendly punch and we walked down the serene street again.

As we were walking, Harry broke the silence, "Man, wish I had some water." Then almost on command, thunder broke out, and rain poured down. The cold rain invaded my skin and before I knew it we were both dripping from head to toe. I stopped and stared at Harry, my mouth wide open and eyes blazing. Harry looked around, pretended to not notice me. Soon he gave in and made eye contact, "Oh, hi there!" He said. Then I spoke, "Okay, being late wasn't your fault but this... ALL ON YOU!" Harry had basically asked for this! We started running again. We had turned into wild animals, screaming as we jumped in puddles and flailing our arms in the air.

The rain must have passed the time because suddenly I saw a black car at the top of the incline. Harry was too crazed to notice, "Harry, look!" He turned his head and we both ran towards it, the race took place without saying. We were both out of energy so we arrived to the car at the same time, then Harry opened my door for me. But before I sat down I grabbed my water bottle and went back out to the front of the car where I met up with Harry. I stopped walking when we were a fingers' distance away. I popped open the cap and said sarcastically, "Would you like some water now?"

"I'd love some." He played along. He took the bottle from my hands and put it to his lips. He was about to take a sip and the he suddenly jerked the bottle towards me dumping it over my head. I flew back in surprise and fell to the ground.

"Ah, Harry you idiot! Not my forehead!" I held my hand to my wound and he came running over. "I'm so sorry, love I forgot I didn't mean to..." But before he could finish I stole the water bottle from his gullible little hand, stood up and dumped the rest down the front of his shirt. "GOTCHA!" I screamed and ran into the car for safety. He stood in the rain for a couple of seconds taking in the whole situation. After he got into the car I asked retorically, "Am I a good liar now?" "Not too bad." He admitted. "Sorry for kinda... ruining your car." I appologized. "It's just water, it'll dry." Then we buckled up and headed home. This time I used my phone for directions. We were back on the road again at last. I knew Harry and I were meant for each other now.

Harry's P.O.V.

I pulled up to her house and the car eased to a stop. We stared at her front door and then turned to each other. "Tonight was so perfect, thanks for everything, Harry." She confessed.

"Sara, tonight was one of the best nights of my life, and that's saying a lot because I came this close to death today. I'm not sure how 'best day' and 'death' belong in the same sentence but I guess it's because you were a part of it." I blushed. I looked down to avoid eye contact that I knew she had and when I looked back up she gave me her farewell kiss and swiftly made her way out of the car. I rolled down the window and yelled, "Wait, Sara! You forgot to give me your number?" How could she just leave so quickly? She barely even turned around when she said, "We'll find each other again." What? Did I do something wrong? "Sara?!" I yelled nervously for her to stop. But before I knew it she was at her front door and right before she closed it she said, "I know we'll find each other somehow." Then, her door shut and I laughed in confusion and frustration. I pondered my outcomes. I drove away and realized that this whole day had been running on fate. The shooting, the pathway, the rain, and Sara expected fate to go on. But was it that strong? Could it really allow us to find each other again?

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