Man With a Gun

Sara Brookman lives with her mom now that her Dad left them, but she's just like any other girl. When she heard One Direction's music, she couldn't help but to fall in love, like millions of fans. After she wins backstage passes she's ecstatic. But her feelings suddenly change to the opposite when she meets them and sees a mad man pointing a gun towards Harry.
How will Sara somehow stand out to save the innocent lives?
Sara puts all her trust in fate to guide her growing relationship with Harry, but can that be enough.

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33. 33. Cuts & Scrapes

Tears of pure astonishment push against my eyes but I don't dare let them soak my cheeks. I will not let myself waste one tear on him, I repeat through my head. I stand in his yard with my mouth open and my eyes looking around everywhere, trying to put the pieces together. My breaths come out in random gasps. I can't decide if I should run home or face the facts that I'm not ready to accept yet; Harry is a cheater.

In the spur of the moment I suddenly get a rush of anger and I violently text Harry a piece of my mind. The message includes phrases like "I hope you're happy" and "I guess this is what you want" and "I. Am. Done." It wasn't too long but it got the point across. I let out my held breath when I click send.

Finally I snap back to reality as my senses start warming up again. My ears tell me to look up and once again, I see the dark window with the two figures and he opens up the window. When he sticks his head out, just the slightest moonbeam allows me to see all the mind blowing details on his face, which reveals that it's not him.

It's not Harry, at all. I stare, dumbfounded as I come to a solution, the only solution actually. Which happens to be that I was throwing rocks at Harry's parents' window.

Joy immediately fills me because this means I am not being cheated on, obviously. While my emotions are busy making a U-turn my brain is put on hold only seconds before making yet another turn. My smile suddenly wipes off my face. Wait, I was throwing rocks at Harry's parents' window I now think the same thought again, but with opposite feelings.

A bright light dances around the grass and I look up to see his father is shining a flashlight yelling, "Who's out there?" My heart pumps fast and my brain gets clouded. My legs move myself within a millisecond and before I know it I am entangled in the large, prickly bushes against the house. The light soon turns off and I hear the window click close. I stop holding my breath again and try to get out. The prickly bushes are actually much feistier than they seem because although I'm not in that deep, I can't seem to get out. With every move I make, the sharp wood stubs feel like they are forcing my limbs down by scraping against every nerve possible. My hair knots with the leaves and damp dirt covers my bottom. The more I struggle the more I fall deeper and deeper under the branches. I feel spiders crawling around and things start buzzing in front of my face. Apparently I am invading some kind of nest. I freak out and hear myself already out of breath, whimpers escape my lungs and I try to bring my arms to the ground so I can push myself up.

In this process I suddenly hear the front door open then close and footsteps follow. My mind cannot process all these emotional changes and literally cannot handle any more feelings. I am on the verge of sobbing and I start to feel so dizzy from what I am enduring. If I get in trouble with his parents and my mum finds out... guess this is what I get for sneaking out.

Finally the hot water escapes from my eyes and stains my cheeks, my chin, and even my neck. The footsteps become louder and louder, tears pour faster and faster. Well even if I could get up I have lost the chance and now, my only option is to stay put and stay quiet.

The outside is dark but you can still see little if you squint your eyes. The figure appears in front of me and I think it sees me because they stop in their tracks and gives a small scream.

"No don't scream, it's okay! Don't hurt me." I say, not really knowing how they will react to seeing an intruder. God, this is really not how I wanted to properly meet Harry's parents.

"Wait, Sara?" I hear a few chuckles from the familiar voice. Then a bright phone light pierces my eyes. I cringe and look away and I hear, "Oh my god." and his laughing tone has gone away. Instead it's been replaced by some underlying fearful tone. By now I know it's Harry and this only makes me feel more embarrassed.

Harry places the shining light on the ground so it's not pointed directly into my eyes as he steps closer towards me. I keep my eyes trained out in the distance, I'm too ashamed to face him right now. I feel one of his arms secure around my upper back and the other under my bent knees. He lifts me up in one swift motion. The prickly bush gives me one last scrape as I am lifted up and into Harry's secure body. I realize that he's carrying me bridal style into his house. I wrap my arms around his neck and let my head droop down, against his chest and I can hear his heartbeat.

We are both silent and I guess he I looked pretty bad considering when he shined the light he completely stopped laughing. I don't know what's more embarrassing, me having a completely tear-soaked face or the fact that I was stuck in his bushes.

I know I'm in his house once the inside air hits me and I'm relieved to see the lights are out. Everyone in his house seems to be in bed but Harry. Questions swarm my mind but I don't even have enough energy or nerve to talk. Instead, I listen to the steady beat of his heart. I feel him step up the stairs and he makes his way to his room.

Harry sits on his bed still cradling me in his arms and I relax my legs on his sheets. My head is propped up by his arm and his thighs rest under my head as well; his feet dangle off the bed. His hand runs through my hair. His light is off and he just sits here with me, wiping all my tears off my cheeks and and looking into my eyes. He makes me forget about all my worries and I'm not sure how. Being in his arms is simply the safest place I've ever felt.


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