Man With a Gun

Sara Brookman lives with her mom now that her Dad left them, but she's just like any other girl. When she heard One Direction's music, she couldn't help but to fall in love, like millions of fans. After she wins backstage passes she's ecstatic. But her feelings suddenly change to the opposite when she meets them and sees a mad man pointing a gun towards Harry.
How will Sara somehow stand out to save the innocent lives?
Sara puts all her trust in fate to guide her growing relationship with Harry, but can that be enough.

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26. 26. Brattitude

My brain turns on again and tells my eyes to slowly open. The light is shining through my thick glass window and heavy golden curtains. I push the warm blankets off my body and put my feet into the soft slippers; marble floor is far too cold to step on with bare feet. I tie my fuzzy robe around my waist and head downstairs. This is my routine, every morning. I sleep well into twelve o'clock and I'm ironically tired of it.

I hear my phone buzz next to me on the glass nightstand and bring my eyes to focus. It's a text from Haz. It reads, "I was thinking we could spend some time at the mall together today around noon. Yeah?"

Me, being still half asleep typed the first word that came into my mind as a response, "...Obviously." I click sent and a second later my brain tells me what a mistake I made. I glance back at the bright screen and process what I just wrote. I come to the realization that I sound like a total and complete brat. I see the thin blue bar at the top slowly send the message and my brain fully awakens because I suddenly had a brilliant idea. I swipe up and put my phone on airplane mode in a matter of seconds. I swipe back down to see that the text did not send because I now had no connection. I tap the red exclamation point and choose delete, and finally fall back down onto my pillow. I feel so much better now that I know that I don't come off as a brat to him.

Noon, that's when he said he's be over. I put my high waisted shorts a cropped knit sweater on. It was quite a change from my usual sweats an a tank. Feeling on the glamorous side, I lay a chunky necklace around my neck and slide in my flowered Toms. Adding my hair and makeup it takes me about half an our to do this. I check the time and it's 11:52. Just enough time to have a bowl of cheerios and then go to the mall I think.

I see my mum come to down the stairs after I'm done eating. "I'm heading out to the mall with Harry, okay? At twelve." "Oh, that's awfully soon, sweety." "I know but I'm all ready." "Mhmm, okay whatever you say." With that, I walk out into the porch and wait for Harry as I watch the cars go by. I listen to the sounds of nature and birds and how they hum and the wind whistling through the leaves. It puts me in a daze and I zone out into a daydream. My eyes wander off into the distance while my mind paints my eyes an internal picture of nonsense.

I land back into reality and wonder what time it is. I pull my phone out of my butt pocket and light it up. 12:40. "Oh my gosh" I gasp. He lives right in my neighborhood how could he be so late?! I double check my text message but I have not received any! I huff back into my house and watch some TV. Once one o'clock hits I become furious. I decide to give in and march myself over to his house at once.

The heels hit the sidewalk hard and make a pounding rhythm. My arms are left crossed and his house comes into view. His car is parked in the driveway, of course. As I get closer and closer I brainstorm what I might say to him, being in a dangerously fierce mood none of it is something a sane person would say.

I make my way up to his front door and give it a ring. I pull out my phone to check the time but the orange airplane in the top left of the screen pierced into my vision and makes my heart pump even faster. All at once the door swings wide open and Harry's face appears.

"Sara! Hey there you are!" But I can't speak as I have just realized how stupid I was for leaving my phone on airplane mode. Of course I wouldn't het his texts when I have no connection! now that I realize I was being an idiot my previous feelings of anger only turn on myself and I become a wreck. Harry looks at me and waits for my response as I hold my mouth open like I'm about to say something but I can't choke out any words. My head feeling hot and my eyes swell up. I start breathing heavier and hot tears full of girly emotions spill out over my eyelids and fall from my chin. He must think I'm bipolar or something which makes me embarrassed which only adds to my watery eyes. All he's done is open the door and ask me a question. And here I am, running my mascara down my face feeling and looking like an idiot in front of him. I don't want to know what's running through his mind.


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I'm very sorry I never updated last week. In other news, I will updating every Sunday from now on - if not more often. Also, I want to thank you all for the support and your reads:)


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