Man With a Gun

Sara Brookman lives with her mom now that her Dad left them, but she's just like any other girl. When she heard One Direction's music, she couldn't help but to fall in love, like millions of fans. After she wins backstage passes she's ecstatic. But her feelings suddenly change to the opposite when she meets them and sees a mad man pointing a gun towards Harry.
How will Sara somehow stand out to save the innocent lives?
Sara puts all her trust in fate to guide her growing relationship with Harry, but can that be enough.

Copyright © All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author.


24. 24. Shhh

Harry and I begin walking down my neighborhood. Since our houses are close now, we are in walking distance of about a quarter mile. I can just walk over anytime I'm in a lonely mood. Of course many times he's not home because of practice or band events or award ceremonies. I usually go to the ceremonies to support him and because it's such an amazing experience. Camera's everywhere, celebrities wandering and the atmosphere makes you feel like a million bucks. I recently changed my salon outlet and clothing source so whenever paparazzi finds us I'm not self concious. Being Harry's girlfriend is a whole new experience that I can and already am getting used to.

We walk down my street as we catch up with each other since it's been a long while. The rays of the sun pierce through the fluff in the clouds and glimmer into my eyes, yet the soft side wind makes it feel perfect outside. Harry talks about his fourth album he's working on and leaks to me some song demos on his phone. Hearing about his work makes me feel special, because millions of girls would die to hear the future album songs. Harry looks over and warrants comically, "If you tell anyone about the songs I'll have to kill you." I look at him with a daring gaze and say, "And if you tell anyone about this..." to complete my sentence I lean past our personal space and touch his lips. It suddenly felt so familiar, our last kiss was months ago and I've been so eager to feel this rush again. After a few seconds rush by, I open my eyes and meet up with his stare. I lower my stance back down to my short height because I have to used my tip toes to kiss him. We both start walking again and it's silent, but not an awkward one - a natural one if that makes sense.

The end of the sidewalk nears and we reach the pavement. Harry turns to me so I stop walking to see what he's doing. He says, "So I've been meaning to give this to you." And his hand reaches down to his pocket and pulls out a long but skinny rectangular box. "Harry, what's this?" "Open it and find out." I pull the shiny ribbon out of its perfect knotted bow and slide the top off. There it is. My eyes widen and I let out a gasp. "Do you like it?" Harry asks me. A golden band is secured inside the box. "It wraps around your upper arm, here." And he takes it out opens the claps and clips it together above my elbow. "It's so gorgeous, I love it! Thank you thank you thank you!" I scream to him and hug him tightly. "Look, Sara." Harry then pulls it off my arm and makes me look closer at it. It takes me a few second to realize that it was engraved on the inside of the band. It read, "S and H = Shh"

I know S means Sara and H means Harold but why Shh? Then he flips the band around only to reveal the answer. There's more engraved lettering that says, "You can speak within the silence when love is present"

He clips it back around my arm. "Harry, this is amazing, I don't know what to say." "Then don't say a word." And with that my mind goes blank and he pulls me in close to meet up with his lips. Only about twenty seconds later I hear a new voice cramp my vains. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything important!" Our faces jerk away and nervousness flood my emotions.

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