Man With a Gun

Sara Brookman lives with her mom now that her Dad left them, but she's just like any other girl. When she heard One Direction's music, she couldn't help but to fall in love, like millions of fans. After she wins backstage passes she's ecstatic. But her feelings suddenly change to the opposite when she meets them and sees a mad man pointing a gun towards Harry.
How will Sara somehow stand out to save the innocent lives?
Sara puts all her trust in fate to guide her growing relationship with Harry, but can that be enough.

Copyright © All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author.


19. 19. Crazier

I squinted through the heavy rays of sunshine to see through to where Harry's car was headed. I had no idea where he was off to and my impatience grew. We had just reunited and all I wanted was him. My eyes strained to focus on his every turn, making sure not to get lost. I couldn't lose him again... I knew what that felt like and I never wanted that again.

It was 3:20 and I was still following behind him, the places started looking less and less familiar as we drove. I opened up the glove box and located my sunglasses to quickly shove them on my burning eyes. I turn my head back to the road and see that Harry's car is speeding up. I saw a road sign that said "40" which was fast but Harry was going faster. Slowly accelerating little by little I realized his illegal decisions was all a game to him.

I paid attention to my speed and it climbed. 46, 47, 48. This continued until I suddenly heard sirens. "Oh sh**!" I cursed myself. I knew I should have been the good girl I knew I was inside. I was so making Harry pay for this ticket. Even though I knew I wasn't getting arrested, my body still felt of adrenaline. The tips of my fingers shook every time I glanced in my rear view mirror. I was about to pull over but Harry wasn't slowing down. In fact, he was getting faster. "You Idiot!!" I shouted out loud. The sirens became louder, the police man was getting closer. If I pulled over, I would lose Harry... if I didn't pull over, I would get myself into a full out cop chase. I thought to myself. Teenage Girl Against Police Force - that would be the newspaper headline. Suddenly another police car appeared. Okay, every second I waited, I was aggravating the police more. Two police cars, what does that mean? Is that code for police when they need backup to handcuff someone? Terrible thoughts passed through me. Then I thought of my mum. Oh god, what was I thinking. I suddenly yanked my hands and forced my hands to pull the steering wheel over. The tires slanted and I slowed with my brakes. My heart rate increased by 100% and I watched both cop cars behind me. They had some distance so I looked forward. Harry's car was well in front of me. His car slowly turned into a tiny dot in the distance and I looked back to see both cop cars were coming. But as they came closer, their speed remained. Closer, closer, and they didn't stop. At last they zoomed past my car. Could they really be that stupid? Could they really just miss my car? Then the car in front of me pulled over. I was so focused on Harry and the police cars that I didn't even realized the most obvious. The two cop cars pulled over a car that was swerving all over the road. I had never been happier to see a drunk driver.

My heart settled back into place and I took off again. Harry's car was almost out of eye sight so I sped up quickly. Before I knew it, I was tailing him. Then, he made a turn towards the beach. What was he thinking? It was closed off weeks ago because too many people had gotten injured from shark attacks. I had also heard that it was populated with sting rays. If Harry thought I'm getting into that water with him, illegally, and without a suit no less, he just might be crazier than I expected.

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