Man With a Gun

Sara Brookman lives with her mom now that her Dad left them, but she's just like any other girl. When she heard One Direction's music, she couldn't help but to fall in love, like millions of fans. After she wins backstage passes she's ecstatic. But her feelings suddenly change to the opposite when she meets them and sees a mad man pointing a gun towards Harry.
How will Sara somehow stand out to save the innocent lives?
Sara puts all her trust in fate to guide her growing relationship with Harry, but can that be enough.

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15. 15. Being Blocked

I sat in my car, parked on the side of the road, with my head in the steering wheel while tears spilled down. The hot droplets stained my cheeks and I knew my eyes had become red. I dreaded the feeling of losing Harry, and he thought I hated him. He was believing a lie, that killed me.

After a couple minutes of this, I called my mum so I could at least not be alone anymore.

Harry's P.O.V.

Sara wouldn't respond to any of my texts, so I called her and left her the longest voicemail when she didn't pick up. I felt like an idiot, a desperate idiot. She was probably at her boyfriends house while she was ignoring my strides to reach her. So, I decided to come over to end my suspectings. I wanted to prove myself wrong; that she was cheating me. But when I went to her house and no one answered the door, I knew I was the dumbest guy in the univerese. Anybody in the right mind would've just stayed home, waiting for a breakup text. Then when Sara Facetimed me, that was something I couldn't handle. I just felt the words coming out her mouth almost. "I'm just gonna say it, okay?" That's what she started with and then I lost it. I know I shouldn't have screamed at her but my words just poured out and kept on coming out. The silence I heard after I ended the Facetime call was the worst. Knowing that I would never hear her laugh, see her smile, or hold her hand ever again. Just when I thought our love was infinte, Sara goes and breaks it so easily. All she did was tap the glass, and it shattered. Just like that.

Sara's P.O.V.

I saw my mum's car pull up and stop on the side of the street. She got out and came over to my window. I immediately wipe my tears off and rolled down the window, letting in fresh air.

"Sorry, one second your following behind me and the next you've dissappeared." My mum greets. "It's alright, so where are we going now?" "Well, I searched up nearby places and there's a motel just five kilometers up." Uhg, I absolutely hated motels. They were dirty and gross and infested with who knows what. But at this point, we really had no choice. I had a job at little coffee house, and I knew I would have to start helping out with the bills. I wasn't a child anymore, I knew what the right thing to do was.

My mum drove off and I followed. I turned up the radio to get my mind off things. The song that played was ironically "All of Me" by John Legend. Harry was the one thing I wanted to not think about but the lyrics slapped me in the face. "All your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections...And I give you all of me." I quickly turned to radio off. Then, out of the corner of my eye, a billboard appeared. I looked and saw One Direction's faces plastered up. I could have sworn I saw Harry's picture stare at me so I glanced away, focussing back on the road and only the road this time.

Finally, we arrived at the not so cozy motel. I dragged myself out of the car, leaving everything inside and only bringing my phone and pj's. My mum swooshed the door open and I walked across a stained ripped up carpet. I threw myself over the funky smelling bed and stared at the bulky, grimy television.

I tried calling Harry several times but of course he didn't answer. Then, the last call I tried making, the phone spoke, "This number is no longer avaliable." Then the call ended. I called back and got the same thing. I quickly tried texting him but the message said, "Message not delivered." Whatever Harry was doing to block me, needed to stop.

Without even getting under the covers or turning the light off, my eyes closed from exhaustion. I had a dream that night. I saw a man standing at a front door. It was dark and pouring rain. The man pounded and pounded for ages but he never gave up hope that someone would answer. As my vision on him became more focussed, I saw Harry. I woke up panting. My skin was sticky from humidity and my cheeks damp from tears. It was only a couple days and I was already a mess. Harry was my better half and I knew I needed him back. Even though, I had not a single idea of how we would reunite and have him not hate me, I knew it would happen somehow. It was then that I realized that even when Harry and I were as far as we could possibly seem to be, we were really just a step away. I wrapped my mind around this theory and it soon seemed impossible.


Will they find each other again??? Will Harry forgive Sara??? I hope you keep reading! I appreciate every comment, thanks so much! I'll have an update for you tomorrow.

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