Comment your suggestions and I'll write you a fanfiction :)
Multifandom oneshots, written during class. Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language.
Harry Potter, Sherlock, Lotr, Hobbit, Doctor who, potc, hungergames......


3. seewead (Pirates of the caribbean)

The fishermen could not see them coming. They were creeping through the darkness in complete silence, but he knew they were coming. He could smell the rotten fish, the salty water dripping from their bodies and their rusted weapons. He knew they were coming for him. The pirates who killed his crew including his two sons and took his ship from him told him they would come for him before leaving him on an abandoned island with no fruit to eat and even worse, no water to drink. They had left him here to die, and now the crew, HIS crew was coming for his soul. Davie Jones and his men.

It felt like a nightmare coming true, but it was even more horriffic than he had expected. Suddenly there was a red flickering light, as if someone lightened a torch. Crawling bakwards in the hopeless try to escape, the fishermen could now see that he was surrounded by dark, slimy creatures that looked like men taken by the sea long ago.

The screaming silence was broken by a voice that didnt sound human at all.

"Do you fear death?"

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