Comment your suggestions and I'll write you a fanfiction :)
Multifandom oneshots, written during class. Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language.
Harry Potter, Sherlock, Lotr, Hobbit, Doctor who, potc, hungergames......


2. Hunt (Hungergames)

The trees were silent and dark when he went outside. Gale lifted his bow and silently aimed for the heart of the young deer roughly ten yards from where he was hiding. He didnt dare to breathe, not even to blink out of fear it might catch a noise and vanish in the deeper parts of the forest.The deer lifted his head at the exact moment Gale's arrow thrusted its heart. It's eyes stared at him, not believing it was dying. 'Sorry' said Gale, releasing the air he hadn't known he was holding. 'But my family needs to eat.'

He lifted the dead deer and carried it to the old hunting hut, leaving a trail of blood in the fresh snow.

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