Comment your suggestions and I'll write you a fanfiction :)
Multifandom oneshots, written during class. Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language.
Harry Potter, Sherlock, Lotr, Hobbit, Doctor who, potc, hungergames......


4. For Frodo (Lord of the rings)

The sun was just about to rise when Samweis left. He had visited his grown up grandchildren and stayed the night. He rested a moment to memorize the sight of the shire one last time, its soft hills and trails, the smell of grass, moss and home. He sighed and thought that this was the last time that he saw the place where he grew up as well as his children and grandchildren.

When he finally immersed in the shade of the forest the two elves who would guide him to the grey havens greeted him merrily. Tall as every member of their fair folk, long dark hair and pale, wise faces and armours, black as the night, the two sons or Lord Elrond. "I'm finally joining you mister Frodo!", Samweis thought happily. He took a last look at the fading stars of the shire before leaving it forever with the two elves, finally going on an adventure again.

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