Comment your suggestions and I'll write you a fanfiction :)
Multifandom oneshots, written during class. Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language.
Harry Potter, Sherlock, Lotr, Hobbit, Doctor who, potc, hungergames......


1. Beautiful nightmares

Severus sat on his bed with only his pants on. His head rested in his hands and sweatdrops were dripping down his pale shoulders. He had dreamt of Lily, again. And as always it had been a nightmare. A single, silent tear was rushing down his cheek, but the beast inside him was screaming. He didnt rescue her, he treated her, he loved her. And now she was dead.

Severus looked at his potions equipment and he thought about mixing himself a sleeping potion or something even stronger. But then, he didnt want to. Because only through his nightmares he got to see her face again.

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