Shadownight family-Saffron's room my side

Hi this is my room (that I share with my triplets)in the Shadownight family.If my triplets do one of these books it may be different so just bear that in mind.This will also be a kinda a diary


1. Me

Ok so hi I'm Saffron Designer.My family either call me des or Saffy. The family is Shadownight but I'm there cousin.My family is Fireheart.I have a triplet my triplets are Catmouse46 and GinnyShadownight. My mom is called Midnight Rogue and my dad is called Thomas Rogue.I share a room with my triplets but this is my book about my side of the room.I have a pet tiger called Tigger and a elephant called Ellie who can shoot laser beams out of her trunk and butt(look at the family book Keeping Up with the Shadownights)and finally a purple mermaid called Occenanna with flame red hair who lives in the lake.

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