Him! An ed sheeran story

This story/fanfict is about a 16 year old girl and her sister wantig to meet ed


2. The big news😬

It was a sunday morning i was sitting in my bed not up to much just youtube then i came across Ed Sheeran, i listening to one or two of his songs? He wasnt that "famous yet" he just put song on youtube' I fell in love with him instantly then he became "famous" and the love i had for him grew i would spend my nights listening to him music before bed the same songs over and over again untill i heard atleast everysong 5 times, every second night was wash night when i had to go in for a shower or a bath i prefer going in for a bath then rinsing my self at the end with the shower, i felt cleaner that way i also did this because i listened to his music while the bath i knew if i didnt then i wouldnt have time to before bed,ok back on track it was a nice sunny monday morning, summer to be exact' ed was doing a tour, i was laid on my bed listenting to little bird, "bit i'll owe it all to you my little birdX4 you're my little bird" the song ended i head my mother shout "Claire" "yes mother?" I shouted back she then said " come down we have mews for you" all i could think was ed sheeran tickets! But i kept calm and walked into the living room just down the stairs, "honey, i have got somthing to tell you" "mum please hurry im getting nervous" "ok i couldnt get you back stage but.." I cut her off i screamed from the top of my lungs Ed SHEERAN! " yes here you go" she passed me a ticket and my older sister a ticket i screamed with joy, was this really happening?

Im sorry that the first chapter short, im still figuring out what to do;)

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