The Note

Liza is questioning wether or not she is worth the space to keep living. She eventually finds the answer which spells out trouble.


1. Chapter 1

 She sits alone in the cafeteria with nothing but the smell of rotting garbage. She listens to the laughter and wishes she was the one laughing. She sits in the back of every class room waiting for someone to turn around and ask her "When did you move here?" only for her to blankly reply "6 years ago." and return back to her normal life. She travels alone in the hallways as she watches the couples wrapped in each others arms. She walks home alone to an empty house where only the faint smell of stale cigarettes lingers through out the cold, rotting building she calls home. She waits for her siblings to get home from school then cares for them. Then her pill popper of a mother and her alcoholic father. They were never much of parents. She sits in her bed at night and wonders, " Will they even notice I'm gone? What will the younger ones do? Will anyone even miss me?" As she settles into bed, she hears that ever so familiar clink of the beer bottle on the table next to her dads chair. She waits for days, weeks, even months before she snaps.She walks her last hallway, eats her last disgusting school lunch, sits in her last classroom. On her walk home, she does it the quick and painful way. As a car is racing down the street, she runs in front of it and her body goes numb. All she sees is her body lying there on the ground, lifeless,while the driver gets out and doubles over in hysterics in the realization of her death. The driver sees something sticking out of the book bag, a note. Her suicide note.

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