"Come to me Ariana, come to me oh Holy One. You have powers, unimaginable; beauty, indescribable; wisdom in bountifuls. You have something impossible... angel blood in your veins. I need this blood because with it i will be indestructible"

"Never. We won't let you have me. You won't win."

Layla White was just an ordinary orphaned teenager- or so she thought...
A prophesied queen destined to create peace in a place she never even knew existed, Layla (or Ariana) struggles to fight a battle with the lives of people she holds dear to her heart at stake.
And the worst thing is she never wanted to be special.

Cover by @Mybestfreindisapenguin_x :)


3. Ariana

The elder is brewing something over a sizzling fire. The red flames shadow an image of my depressing past flickering through the very memories of death.  I stay put to my spot and listen to croaky laugh of the crackling fire and keep myself in time with Forest's steady deep breaths. 

"Its ready, young one," says the elder with not a trace of emotion visible neither in voice or face.

I don't like how he has no emotion; it makes me feel as if he is a cheetah about to pounce... He offers me a purple colored brew in a glass beaker. My mind tells me to refuse, It could be poison? But my heart wants to see my truth. I gulp in the drink expecting it to taste of bitterness and all things horrible but am surprised to taste orange and chocolate, a beautiful combination. A tingling sensation makes is way through my fingertips throughout my body.

A stroke of light flashes in front of me and feel some strong muscular arms picking me up hastily. Opening my eyes that had been shut sealed for quite a few minutes, i find myself in the arms of Forest in a dark cave with not a spec of sunlight to be seen. 

"Get off me you creep. I just want to go home," I sob out trying to escape his arms. He slowly lets go off me but keeps his grip on my hand.  I am deep inside a cold cave with sharp stone walls. 

"Let go of me." I scream noting the empty echo of my voice around me. A sob wells up in me. What have i got myself into? I should never have ran into the forest. 

"Shh. Its all right."  Forest whispers into my ear reassuringly. I have never seen this side of him. His soft side.

"No it isn't. Let me go. You've kidnapped me for gods sake!"

A smirk forms onto forests face (and he's back), "I saved you not kidnapped you. When the elder saw who you really were he was about to take you probably to his flipping demon master or something so i took you here. A little thank you would be nice."

I frown. What? 

"Ugh you are so hard to persuade. Just take this."

Forest  clicks his hand and suddenly i have a beautiful mirror on mine. Carefully i stare at the reflection.

 I have frizzy uncontrollable brown hair whilst she has sleek pure white hair. My skin is a tanned brown whilst she has a milky tone of white. My eyes are a boring dark brown whilst her eyes are a sharp ruby red. The most frightening thing is a throbbing star engraved across her cheek. Or maybe my cheek... Is it me?

But even if that is me it doesn't explain for him kidnapping me.

 "Take me home."

Forest looks at me as if I'm as naive as a five year old,

 "You still don't understand. Huh. I should have expected it."

"Carry on."

"Well that star marked on your face is the mark of the angel. Basically like I'm magic you are the most powerful of the magic folk. Only 1 child is born with such powers every century. I don't know why you were made to look like a human or who did it but it must have been to protect you.The simplest way to say it is that some evil people want to use your powerful magic for their evil doings. It seems like that elder was one of them."

Everything makes sense. Its like there was a part missing from me all that time. It makes sense how i never fit in. Wait does that mean my mum was magic too? Should i be taking this information in so easily? But i always knew there was something special about me...  Does this mean i can do magic?

There are so many thoughts crammed in my head making me feel faint.  I feel the world pushing me down and then two green eyes looking at me in fear.

"Layla are you alright?"

"Huh," I say too busy looking at his dreamy  eyes...

"Layla!" This time he shouts waking me up from my short lived dream. Colour flushes up my cheeks in embarrassment. What am i doing?

"Sorry i was just... Urm... " My cheeks flush a deep scarlet. 

"Think about something you want then make a gesture. It will probably take quite a few tries so don't loose hope if it doesn't happen. That is if you are magic," explains Forest looking a me through the corner of his eye, probably trying to chage the subject.

I slowly click my fingers and think about what i want. I am surprised if not in some way shocked to see a small snowflake appear in the air followed by another. I look at Forest smugly who laughs quite cheerfully as well. 

"Believe that i'm magic then?" I ask just wanting to hear his answer.

"Yes.. Yes i do."

There is silence not the uncomfortable kind but the nice kind. For a minute i forget the past week and all of these stressful events that followed. But it is broken by Forest frowning.

"There is something i don't get. Layla isn't the kind of name the people here give to their children. Huh. It doesn't have any special meaning no-offence. Has anyone anything ever called you anything else?"

I gulp. Fear rushes through my veins. There was that nightmare, that man called me something.

"There was a man in my dreams," i stammer,"He called me... Ariana."

Looking up towards the stone hard ceiling, forest whispers so faint only loud enough to be heard, "That means The Holy One." 





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