The Night that Changed her Life

My story is about a young girl that was pregnant and was considering abortion.


1. The Night that Changed her Life

The Night that Changed her Life


Ana, a young high school girl, had her whole life in front of her. She was the perfect daughter, the exemplary young lady. She was a sophomore in Hawks High school, located in San Francisco. Since she was small, she had always made her parents proud; she was into sports, had many friends and always put her studies first. Her dad worked as a priest in the Cathedral of San Francisco, and her mom was a stay at home wife. Her dad was named Tom and her mom, Susan. Susan was a very caring mother. She had perfectly raised two children, helped them decide what’s right from wrong and was always there for them. It was about two years ago when Ana’s brother Peter passed away after a tragic car accident. Ever since then, her family hadn’t been the same. Even though they continued to raise Ana perfectly, they always felt as though there was something missing.

They couldn’t imagine a greater loss or disappointment. All of this put a lot more stress on Ana. Not only did she have to handle being cheer captain, her studies, her afternoon activities and her tutoring, she also had to make time for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the boy every girl wanted. He was captain of the football team, his dad was the owner of the biggest car company of California and, of course, he had the “perfect” girl. The only difference was that Ana, unlike her boyfriend John, was very religious. She would go to church every Sunday; dress appropriately, and most importantly, thought sex was something to have only after marriage. Ana has had about 1 million talks with her parents about this, and they have even invited John for dinner to discuss this. Even though john respected her opinion, it never stopped him from wanting it.

It was after the opening game when John knew realized what he wanted. He was set on having sex with Ana, no matter what. They were both going to the after party and were known as the most important guests there. When they got there, John immediately got a beer but Ana, she never drank as she thought that alcohol would cause her to make stupid decisions. This time though, John didn’t listen and got her a beer anyway. When she rejected it, John convinced her, as it was the first beer they would have together, and he thought, the perfect day for firsts. They both went and socialized with different people. Ana went to talk to her girlfriends, and John to his guy friends. They saw each other a couple times that night, but only to check up on each other and make sure everything was fine. After the party was almost over, most people had gone home, and the rest were passed out anywhere they could. Ana went to search for John, as she thought it was the appropriate time for them to go home. Since Ana’s parents weren’t in town, they had let her sleepover at her friends, Marie’s house. But little did Ana know that Marie had gone without her, as she completely had forgotten. Ana with nowhere to go, she was confused, and felt as the only place she would feel safe, was John’s house. Even though Ana had been to his house many times before, she had never been there, without permission. When they got there, they were as quiet as two owls in the night, they made sure nothing made a noise, as they were paranoid to wake up his parents.

She went inside, and took of her shoes. She knew her way around perfectly, and they both made it to John’s room safe. But unlike John, Ana, thought they were just going to go to sleep. She thought he would still respect her decision, and felt safe with him since they had been dating for a while. After they both brushed their teeth and were getting into bed, John starts to kiss her. At first, she thought it was going to be a goodnight kiss, but it went on, and when she tried to pull him away, he pushed harder. As he was kissing her, he started to take of her, and his clothes. Ana, starting to get terrified jumped of the bed. She put on her pajamas as fast as possible, but only to her John trying to convince her. She couldn’t believe it; she thought he was different, and that he would have respected her when every other guy didn’t. She was in a sticky position, as she didn’t want to disappoint him as well. She started to consider it, but her conscious was speaking to loudly. She couldn’t loose the most important person in her life, the one she thought was the one, the one who would always be there supporting her. She got back into bed, before he could say another word. Not following what she should have done, she had sex with him.

Before she knew it, it was over. It was done; she couldn’t go back, no matter how much she wanted to. She couldn’t believe it, waking up next to him, clothes less. She knew deep down, no matter how fun or happy she was, that it shouldn’t have happened. How she thought, could a sophomore, with my whole life ahead of me, do this? Especially coming from the best family. The family who had gone thru so much, but still put up with everything, to leave her with the best future she could have imagined. She went to his bathroom and showered before she had to go home. In the shower she kept thinking and thinking about the same thing over and over again. Until something interrupted her train of thought, the last thing she wanted to hear, “Ana, something went wrong.” In the 30 seconds she had before he could continue, she panicked and thought about all the worst things she could have imagined. She thought he was going to say something like “I don’t think we can do this, or I need sometime,” but little did she know it was worse.

He had told her that the condom had broken, and that she should go see a doctor. Ana in shock, thought, actually prayed, that he would be kidding. When she asked him if he could take her to the doctor, she heard something even worse than before. John had said that he had too much on his plate, and the last thing he needed was to take care of a young girl. “A young girl,” Ana thought, was that all I was to him? She rapidly put on her clothes and ran out of the house, as even breathing the same air as him made her sick. She put on her shoes and with nothing to get home, she started to run. She ran 5 miles home, and thank God, didn’t have to go thru the highway. She got home and started to break down. She had 2 hours until her parents got home, and she had to fine out the best way to say this to them. How could she hurt them, after Peter, all they needed was another disappointment she thought. But she knew she couldn’t do this alone.

Ana started hearing her parents voice from the driveway, and started to watch them from the window. They were taking the luggage from the car, and Ana knew she should have gone and helped them, but with what strength, she thought? If she saw the first thing she would do was to break down in tears. She waited for them to come inside and to knock on her door. But before anything, she knew her dad couldn’t find out. After all, with dad being a priest, she thought, how could he accept this? How could he tell the community what to do, when he couldn’t even in force it in his own house? Thank God, it was Susan who came first, and not Peter. When she saw her daughter crying she locked the door, as she thought it would be better if she knew first. Ana started to cry and the words couldn’t come out of her mouth. After a while of being in her mother’s arms, she finally could blurt out the words “I am not a virgin anymore.” Ana thought that her mom was going to hit her, or react in the worst way possible, but she knew it would have only made Ana more scared. Susan made Ana talk thru it, and most importantly asked if they had used protection. That was when Ana lost it again. This time, her mother wasn’t so calm. You could see how she was getting worried, and her eyes were starting to tear.

Ana saw this situation and thought the only option was abortion. Not only was it the only option, and that this way she would never had to tell her dad. Which was what scared her the most. But Ana forgetting what the church says about abortion, she started to get worried again. When Susan, heard that this was what Ana wanted she was terrified. “In the light of our conviction that the fetus has the right to live and develop as a member of the human family, we see abortion, the termination of that life by the act of man, as a great moral evil.

We do not believe that the right to life, as a right pertaining to persons, admits of no exceptions whatever; but the right of the innocent to life admits surely of few exceptions indeed.”- Church of England, 1980.

As I was talking to my mom, she had told me that, that it was only known as acceptable, when the sex was not consensual. I was a sixteen year-old girl with my whole life ahead of me. Not only did the supposedly love of my life, left me, but I would not be the example to follow. It would not only destroy my life, but my family’s as they have dedicated their whole life to the community. What would they think us then?

But abortion just seemed like the most dreadful thing to do. With no energy to think, I started looking online to see what people thought abortion was. I looked and looked and everywhere I saw, it was defined as the termination of a pregnancy. Something done so one does not give birth, in my eyes, killing someone. Some may refer to it as a thing, not breathing yet, not living. But I feel as if the moment you have to kill him/she/or it, it becomes more. Not only will I feel guilty in my later life, but with what I read on the Internet, and what I have been taught at home, I would also be considered a murderer. I kept thinking to myself, why did I do this? What motivated me to try and have a child? Because by the church, sex, was an act made by a men and a woman to create a new child. It was meant to bring new life into earth. After all, I had to be responsible for what I have done. You can’t just get rid of a problem, which was exactly what abortion was. I finally decided. That no matter how embarrassing or horrible it was going to be. Not only will it have looked bad on me but also on my family, I had to face the consequences. Of course, people may look to abortion when something terrible happens. Such as rape, but in no way was this rape.

I will face my consequences no matter how hard it may seem, or how torturous it will be. Abortion wasn’t the correct option, it shouldn’t even have been considered. In the future, besides how horrible it may seem now, I will have to be more careful. I will have to understand the risks, before its done.


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