Sydney Mellant and The Vampire Brothers

Don't you dare think that this is some kid story. This is serious. My name is Sydney Mellant. I am something, well, multiple things you though my didn't exist. My parents were murdered. This isn't Harry Potter, this is me. I have a mission. I'll need help. (Special thanks to Herleen28 for the cover!)


1. Running Away

I starred at the bodies of my parents. The Vampire bites in their necks. Their pale faces. No life in their eyes. The now scattering at my emotions because it was December. 

December 18, my birthday. I got up and ran to the forest, tears streaming down my face. I knew I was being followed. The snow should've blocked my scent. 

I changed into a wolf, the most recent animal those jerks are afraid of. If you're thinking I'm a werewolf, you're wrong. I am a natureshifter. I can change my form into animals and control the weather at will. It's not as easy as you think. With the weather, it sometimes changes at my emotions. I try to control be sometimes, control is the thing that I lose. Some earthquakes happened because of me.

I'm not only a natureshifter, I am also a guardian. No not like Santa Claus or Jack Frost in "Rise of the Guardians", I guard humanity from vampires and warlocks, the two most dangerous and biggest clans in history. 

Witches, Wizards and werewolves are also guardians. But I'm the only natureshifter left. My parents were part natureshifter.. Until.. Yeah. My family, as in most of my aunt's, uncles, and cousins are normals, or what you normals call humans. My mom was an only child and bother of her parents were natureshifters. 

My dad on the other hand, has seven brothers and two sisters. My dad's father was one of the only good vampires. 

My grandmother was a Nature Wolf(Part wolf, part natureshifter). My dad was a Vamwolf Shifter (Part, Vampire, part wolf and part Natureshifter). I am all (except a witch), but I'm mostly a Natureshifter. I don't transform into a werewolf I wasn't born with the ability. I don't have fangs either. 

You know how most werewolves and vampires work right. Because I'm not going to explain that to you. Back to the point, you're probably wondering why the vampire and warlock clan are trying to kill me. 

Being a Natureshifter, Werewolf, Vampire, and Guardian, I am extremely powerful. They fear me and they want to kill me. 

"I still smell her." Said a hoarse voice, a few feet from were I was standing. 

"Jason, she's not here!" A girl hissed. 

"Diana, I can smell her!" Jason yelled. 

"She's not HERE!" Diana screeched. 

"This isn't a good idea!" A boy said.

"Chris, we've talked about this." Jason said.

"No, we talked about Mom and Dad! Not about the girl! What if I want to be one of those good vampires!" The boy named Chris yelled as footsteps ran away form where I stood. 

"Chris!" Jason yelled. "Leave him!" Diana said, "Let's just get the job done!" I heard a rustle of leaves and I ran, not having an idea of were I was going or how I was going to survive. But, that's what wolf instincts are for right? 

Well, I'm trusting those instincts. *Gasps* How rude of me! I never introduced myself! In Sydney Mellant.

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