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  • Published: 12 Feb 2014
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In 1893 on the first of March an event took place that would change the world forever, as there was the biggest massacre in the history of mankind ending with 40000 deaths. Bodies laid everywhere as still as a rock and as cold ice, on the sandy ground ranging from men, women to children. And it all started like this.


On the first of March a man named Joshua O’Farrell who was a soldier who fought in the American civil war, he was a tall and fit man who had brown curly hair and eyes as red as blood with such anger and rage in them which he got rid of hunting by leading his men to battle to kill anyone he was told to, but this time Joshua like that he had been ordered to kill an entire village just because their mayor was homosexual. The reason why Joshua liked this so much was because in his eyes he was finally going to get revenge on a homosexual and the reason why he thought he needed revenge was due to the fact that as he was a child a man entered his house killing his parents and as soon as the Sherriff arrived to find Joshua’s parents dead in lying on the sitting room sofa with Joshua on the floor crying, the sheriff walked up to Joshua and told him that he was sure it was those darn homosexuals. So as Joshua led his 50000 American soldiers to a village called freedom village and his aim was to burn every single villager who lived there as they were all obeying their homosexual mayor who was called Jared Johansson.


Jared Johansson was a 32 year old man who had dark curly hair, which helped to bring out his magnificent red eyes as it was extraordinarily hard to notice them when looking through his overly sized dirty brown spectacles, his handsome face helped take away the fact that the man was not tallest person ever. He was born on the 15th of March in the year of 1861, into a wealthy family in freedom village. He found out that he was homosexual at the age of twenty one, the night he became mayor and married an attractive woman named Jessie James, which had been arranged by his parents before they died and as Jared loved his parents he decided to honour there deaths by going on with it and on the night of his victory becoming the mayor, he thought what better time to marry her then the best day of his life and so he married her a few hours later. But later on that night after he had sex with his newly wed wife he realised that he like men and was homosexual. As soon as that thought had emerged into Jared’s head he started to panic as he new that it was a crime and that if anyone found out he would be disgraced and killed. But Jared was no coward and early that next morning he called the villagers all together in front of the town hall and informed them of his situation. It took the villagers by surprise, however none of them reacted the way he thought they would they weren’t angry or sad they were just shocked. A few minutes went by and they all came to a decision that it didn’t matter to them, and so from that day Jared ran the town with a son whom he had gotten from his ex-wife Jessie.



The cavalry arrived at the border of freedom lands at precisely six o’clock. But as they looked down at the town from the top of a mountain they saw a beautiful town filled with trees and flowers and they could see nearly every villager who lived in the town of freedom village either in the town centre in front of the town hall or entering the town hall, but this was no surprise to Joshua, he knew that mayor Jared would be celebrating his birthday in the town hall and that he always invited hundreds of people from the village to it even the children. Which Joshua new would make it easier as the sheriff would be invited so their guards would be down which would make it easier for him and his men to approach the town without them realising, but he knew he would still have to ride in at dark just to make sure that they wouldn’t be seen. So as soon as the arrow on Joshua’s pocket watch pointed to seven o’clock he commenced the massacre by ordering his men to move into the village from all sides so that no one would be able to escape.


Meanwhile off in the town hall there were thousands of people having a great time laughing, dancing and playing games with each other, but as usual Jared was starring out of the window thinking how much he wanted his parents to still be here, and that’s when he realised the huge army riding towards the town from far out in the desert. But he knew that he couldn’t get all of his people to safety without the men finding them so he decided to go get his son James and casually sneak down to the wine cellar where there was a secret passage which led to the cellar of his close friend mayor Whitmore’s cellar in the town ten kilometres away which was made years before he was born in case of an attack just like the one that was taking place at that very moment. Therefore Jared grabbed his son by the arm and started to run through the secret path without stopping, looking back or thinking that he had just left fifty thousand people who stood by him even though he was homosexual to die.


Three hours later back in the town of freedom village Joshua walked through the doors of the town hall to find one of his men saying that they found the mayor trying to escape and they were holding him in his bedroom. The moment Joshua heard this great news he started to walk in the direction of the mayors room with dead bodies laying on the floor all around him. The doors of the mayors room were opened from the inside only for Joshua to see one of his soldiers holding a man who was no the mayor, Joshua shot every man standing in his sight due to the amount of anger he was feeling because they had captured the wrong man.


At the same time Joshua was on a shooting rampage because of the massive failure the massacre was because the main person they were there to kill had escaped and was now in the town of Olympus sitting with his close friend mayor Whitmore in his dining hall eating an enormous feast held by him and his family celebrating Jared’s safe escape, however Jared had still not told his friend the hole story about what he had to do to escape from his town as he was waiting for his son and mayor Whitmore’s family to go to sleep and as soon as they did Jared sat down with his friend and explained everything to him thinking that his friend would stand by him no matter what he told him, but after Jared had explained everything that took place up to the moment he arrived to the end of the tunnel, his friend was horrified and couldn’t even speak. So Jared decided that it would be best if he just went to sleep and let his friend think about his situation for a while.


To Jared’s surprise when he woke up he was no longer in his luxurious room in the town hall, no he was lying down on the floor of a prison cell in the dungeons. It took   Jared some time to realise that he was in a prison cell and to processes where he was. Only minutes after he had woken up he started to shout for someone to come to him and let him out but when no one came he decided to look around the cell when he found a crate and a note sitting on it saying:


Dear Jared,


My good friend I sincerely apologize for where I have put you, but hours after you had gone to sleep, I got wind that the man who set your t0wn ablaze is called Joshua O’Farrell and has a personnel vendetta against homosexuals for some reason. However the reason I personally locked you down in my dungeon is because Joshua is riding with his men from city to city looking for you and if he found out that I personally helped you then I would be signing the death of every person who is living in my village as you signed the fifty thousand deaths of your village by becoming a homosexual mayor. Therefore my friend I have decided to keep you out of sight for your own good until I can make a decision on what to do, and do not worry I am taking care of your son.


Ps. the crate contains the food and water you will need, and a few books to pass the time.


Yours truly, mayor Whitmore 



Five days later whilst Jared was calmly reading a book that was left in the crate the door of the dungeon opened, which got Jared to jump up having mixed feelings as he didn’t know whether it was his friend who was coming to let him go or whether it was this man called Joshua who had come to kill him. But when the door was finally wide open he took a huge sigh of relief because it was mayor Whitmore holding a key to the cell, and as he predicted the mayor let Jared out of the cell. But all he said was follow me with a look of sadness. Jared followed his friend into his study, not knowing what to expect.


The room around him was dark and stank like horses Jared could see the books on the shelves all around him and a man sitting in a nice leather armchair in front of him. The man told him to have a seat and ordered mayor Whitmore to leave the room. He spoke with a bit of a chuckle as if he thought he was having fun when Jared finally sat down in a chair in front of the man he did not know. Then the man introduced himself as none other than Joshua O’Farrell and started to speak to Jared as if he were telling him off, saying “Jared you’ve been quite a bad boy haven’t you Jared” whilst holding a sharp silver blade in his hand. Jared was feeling tremendously scared not knowing what was going to happen next although he had quite a good Idea that he wouldn’t be leaving the study again, and that’s when it hit him that the last thing he would see in his life were these miserable little walls.


Sometime past until Joshua stopped spitting out all of the crude words he could find at Jared and told him “well now I am just so embarrassed, I haven’t even told you the reason for why I hate you so much. I know lots of people think its because my parents were killed by a homosexual man, but no, god no, its because, well I am only telling you this because as you might have already guessed you wont be leaving here today. So here it goes, wait for it, wait for it, it’s because I am homosexual!!!”


The second Jared heard what Joshua had told him his stomach started to feel weird he was lost he had no idea what was happening, he thought  “was this a joke, is this man being serious”. But his thoughts were confirmed when Joshua told the reason why he hated homosexuals, he told him “you don’t know this but I was brought up in a redneck family taught to hate every other race except for ours so imagine my surprise when I found out I was gay, I was horrified, I thought about committing suicide a few times, but that’s when I had the thought if I am a homosexual and was going to kill myself why not take as many others with me as I could”. At that point Jared knew that he was sitting in a room with a psychopath and that he had to do something to try to get out, if it wasn’t for him then he owed it to his son to stay alive, take care of him and teach him not to make the same mistakes as he did.


Now that Jared had put it in his mind that he owed it to his son to get out of that room alive, a massive amount of self-determination appeared in him that was not there a few minutes ago. As Joshua kept on gloating about his victory to Jared saying “I knew I would catch you, you little piece of filth, I knew I hated you before I even met you but know I know I despise you more than anything in this world, because the only reason, the only reason! I was hunting you was because you were homosexual, but after I found out that you had abandoned innocent men, women and children, who cared for you even though they knew what you were, a piece of filth.” But as Joshua kept talking none of what he was saying was passing through Jared’s ears the only thing Jared was concentrating was cutting through the rope with his nails.


As time moved along Joshua started to run out of things to say, so he started to think of what he could do to torcher Jared even more when a wicked thought passed through his mind in which he walked out of the room with a huge grin on his face.


The second Joshua left the room slamming the door behind him Jared felt thankful that he was given a bit of time to try and relieve himself from the ropes that he had been tied to the chair with. But inside him he had a hint of doubt that he was going to walk out of that room alive, until he felt the ropes loosen from his hand and he thought “thank you my lord for saving me, I know I do not deserve it, but I will make it up to you I will” Jared’s thoughts had been interrupted by the loud piercing sound of the study room door slamming behind Joshua. As Joshua walked towards jared not noticing the loose ropes on the ground. He was holding a large object behind his face with the biggest grin Jared had ever seen a man have. Joshua started to speak but this time he had a hint of excitement in his voice when he said after placing his gun on the marble oak desk “ I haaave a surprise for you my friend” as he removed an object from the bag he was holding.


Jared’s face turned white when he saw what was in the bag. His son’s head, dripping with blood. He started to scream and cry with a mixed feeling of anger and guilt, and that’s when he told Joshua “I’m going to kill you, you bastard” and he screamed even louder “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you, you sick bastard” no more then two seconds before he jumped up out of his seat with rage, grabbed the colt sitting on the marble-oak desk and shot Joshua in the head. The sound of the shot echoed through the mountain and Jared could hear the men running through the corridors in the direction of the study and thought he had no more to live for, it took all the courage he ever had to point the trigger at his head and all of a sudden bang it was all over.


                                 The end

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