The fall of the drug empire

The fall of the huge methamphetamine business, stopped in the USA and Mexico, stopped by a sheriff working on it for already his whole career, and finally, it come to an end.


1. The meth empire

Tyler had woken up like any other day, he felt a small pain inside the area of his liver, and this was not usual. Tyler was not the kind to worry for everything so just continued his typical day by taking his shower and brushing his teeth, followed by his wife, Christine that had the same ritual but had always taken more time. It was 6:05 and he was running quiet early, Like always he went to wake up his sons, Junior and Justin that shared the same room. They`re school was really far and there fore they were obliged to leave rather early. By 6:35 the whole family was having breakfast and were talking about usual stuff, Classes, work and how life in general was going. Tyler first, had to leave and took his old Peugeot. Life was tough, the family wasn’t going very well economically and were having trouble paying the bills from the school that the two brothers were attending, but soon this was going to change…


Tyler had arrived to his “job” that his wife and kids thought he was doing, but in reality he had been offered a new job. Tyler was a scientist studying all sorts of medical drugs like painkillers and knew everything about subjects like Chemistry biology and physics. But what his company didn’t know is that behind all of this, he was a very known dealer, everywhere in the USA and in Mexico. Nobody knew it was him but the person, called “professor Black” had a lot of people fearing  him as people were taught that he was dangerous. He was offered a new cooking lab, as he was the producer. The drug was Crystal Meth, a very dangerous and searched drug throughout the USA. Professor Black was known  not a long time but had already in control the whole New York area, and for a new dealer that was a huge territory. He didn’t deal small, he saw big, he was an opportunist, violent and out of control, were the rumours around professor Black. He started as a small scale dealer but had grown together with his reputation. People had no idea, and the police were starting to hear about him. The Professor had received his task, he had to attend a meeting with the most known dealer that wanted to make business after hearing that the “Black” method, was the purest, the most wanted crystal meth in the country.


The big day had arrived, Professor Black was on his way he was given a location that was completely out of Manhattan, it was far, all the way in Alabama, it was a place where the concentration of police men was really low and he had no risk of getting caught. The road was not busy at all, no people around and he had finally arrived to his destination after 6 hours drive. It was a little abandoned house, where guys in suites were surrounding the house. They all had AK 74 on them which was a really powerful assault rifle. I wasn’t scared from anything, as I had nothing to lose, I wasn’t just the type of guy to let go. I stepped out of my car, and started walking towards the cottage. They searched me and as was expected didn’t find anything. I continued my way in, and found in front of me I had a small man, bald, brown eyes and full of tattoos. The guy had a tank top, shorts and sun glasses, but had taken them off. He was short, looked like a cocaine addict, he had those reflects that any drug addict would have after the use of cocaine. He started the conversation, but very briefly. Jose was the dealers name, and Tyler was getting very nervous, “so Mr Black, Give me details of what you have for me” said Jose with his heavy Mexican accent.


“ 5 KG for 2 weeks, and you pay me 5 Million, seems fair as My product is the most pure of the whole entire market.”


“ ill pay more for more in a shorter amount of time, 1 week 10 KG and I pay 15 million, it’s the deal of your life , and with 15 million, you don’t even need to call me back as you’ll have enough for quiet a lot of time.”


Mr Black didn’t seem to have much choice, as Jose was loosing his patience and with junkies, as they were unexpected it was better not to argue.


“Deal.”  Said Mr Black and walked out the house, he was really relieved after leaving the house, and drived back to his city.


Tyler had 2 phones , one for business and the other for anything else. He had to wake up early as he had to drop his 2 sons in school,


“Guys are you ready?!”


screamed Tyler leaving the house and getting in his car, his 2 sons were running and got in the car.


“Hows school going boys? “ asked Tyler,


“good, but its really getting harder!, but ohwell who gives a crap.” answered Junior.


The road was only about 3 KM and they were quite in advance, so tyler decided to take a stop in a car selling center. It was Justin`s 16th birthday soon and Tyler had to buy him a car. Tyler used his Drug Money but his sons had no idea about it. Justin was amazed and Junior was too young. Tyler wanted a secure car, but also fun for his son. It was all Blue, with 2 Blue stripes, amazing motor but solid. Perfect for a 16 year old even though it went quite fast. Justin was so happy, and Justin couldn’t believe how lucky he was and how he was going to be able to impress his friends. His girlfriend was waiting for him at school, and that’s what made Justin even more happy.


“junior, its nearly your turn aswell… don’t forget your brother waited as long as you did” said Tyler to reassure him.


“I don’t need you, Tyler, I aint yo son, you treat me like s***t  and your favourite is Justin, its not fair, anyway im leaving hous soon enough when I have enough of my OWN money.”


Tyler didn’t know what to say and just let it go, but really asked himself why Junior was saying all of this.


The car was parked in front of the house but he didn’t know who it was. Tyler always carried a gun around left outside, and saw a silhouette.


“tomorrow, 11 A.M at Brooklyn street number 5, there will be a guy waiting on the side of house number 69 and will give you the code access for house number 71.”


The man went back to his car and left. No details. Just an address. Tyler had no clue of what the situation was, but just followed the instructions. The next morning was a nice day, warm sun, Tyler was ready. He left at 10 45 A.M to the address, arrived he had already seen where and what guy the had told him.


“code?” asked Tyler


“892937” Answered the man.


Tyler continued his way to the door and opened with the code. The hallway was huge, it was like a huge residence in the middle of manhattan. The same little guy Tyler had met was there.


“impressive for a lab, right? You know the owner is extremely generous, because over here, no cops or whatsoever will come and disturb us!” screamed proudly Jose


“may I ask , whos the owner?” asked calmly Tyler


“Me haha. Let me show you heaven, the perfect expensive meth cooking lab.”


The lab was huge, illuminated and clearly very expensive. Tyler didn’t wait, put his suit and started cooking. Jose left but left one of his partners to look on Tyler. The cook was long, a long process, but Tyler liked doing this it was a thing he was very good at doing he was a scientist but found his job boring, he liked exciting and risky stuff. After 5 hours of cook, Jose came down to check how Tyler was doing. Tyler had a deal to see that he would be able to cook 5 KG the first day, to test, and see if the product is as pure than as Tyler was saying. The test came out as pure as expected, but there was one problem. There wasn’t enough, and this, was going to be a big problem.


Tyler ran, jumped out the window into a dumpster, he knew it was very likely that he would get caught up by Juan and his men, But he didn’t want to let go. He had lost his gun to the guards, that had taken it. He kept running jumped over the wooden fence and looked around, no one. Tyler heard the cock of a gun right behind his head.


“You tried to play us, but it didn’t work, and now, you are going to suffer the consequence.”


Tyler wasn’t going to let this happen, turned around and




In Jose`s face, he fell back, and Tyler took his gun.


“Jose even though it was really short, it was a nice experience, but you’re a fool and I got you.”




Jose`s face spat blood, but Tyler hadn’t pressed on the trigger. And heard steps behind him.


“ Don’t even turn around, you thought it was going to be this easy?, you thought that Jose was the real leader? Well no. its not him, hes just my puppet and he failed aswell, I killed him and not you because I see potential in you. but now you really need to know the truth. Turn around.”


Tyler couldn’t believe it, fell to his knee`s and could see his own son, Junior, holding and pointing a gun towards Tyler.


“It was you?! This whole time?! When you would leave home at night somewhere, and how your mother has been worried about you!” Screamed Tyler.


“  dad I knew that all this money was coming from drugs, I mean who gets money from research. You’re a loser and right now you are bowing to how much more superior I am to you. But mom cant know, because I Love her, she has no preference, and this business was all I was doing while Justin was at school. You know, the only reason I did this, was that I hadn’t been loved by you, and you have the biggest impact on me.”


Tyler felt a tear going down his face, he couldn’t believe it, it was impossible. The worst part was that Tyler had no idea of what Junior was going to do.


“Mr Black? HA HA HA what a mysterious name dad… and you also thought you were controlling this right? Ahah the best part is that I have a film of you cooking, so that recipe is now mine… hahaha Dad im the real boss of this market. What makes me laugh a lot is that a man of your age starts in the meth business, isn’t that pretty fu****g sad?


“son, put your gun down, NOW!, <DON’T YOU DARE POINT A GUN TO YOUR FATHERS FACE!”


“ NO DAD! Its over for you, because im going to kill you…”


Tyler knew it was the end, because he had heard the thrilling sound of a gun cocking, and after that, we all knew the end. As the corpse of Tyler was falling upon the floor, Junior fell into tears, on his knees. It wasn’t only the end for Tyler but as well for Junior, because the sirens of the cops were coming closer and closer. The county sheriff stepped out his car , pointing the gun to junior.


“It’s the end, we officialy took down the meth business, and you my friend, you are heading for a good 60 years in prison, the time your out, youll look older than me ahhahaah”


Announced the county sheriff proudly. 

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